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Sports club insurance is a legal necessity, but not all solutions will provide the level of service and cover that Club Insure can. Our experts understand the needs of sports clubs, and that none of them are the same, requiring a tailored solution.

We are currently dealing with a high volume of sports clubs looking to get a better premium. Inflation has caused sports club costs to soar, as well as insurance premiums. We will negotiate with top insurers on your behalf, using our relationships to access the best cover at the best rates. Your dedicated handler aims to understand the needs of your business – what cover you need, and what you don’t.

It’s why so many Sport clubs are switching to Club Insure.

One in four sports clubs will make a claim this year; could it be yours? Make sure your sports club is protected against any and all eventualities by contacting a Club Insure expert.

See what Clients say about us:

“From previously working in a field looking after VIPs, I can recognize great customer service and that is what I received from Club Insure. Karen was informative and kept to their word when calling back, it was like speaking to a friend on the phone and when unsure of things you would re-word it so I could understand. Whilst being professional at all times there was also a level of free-flowing conversation and patience too as I had multiple things crop up whilst on the phone."

"You went above and beyond what was required of you, making my journey with Club Insure a smooth and easy experience. I would certainly recommend Club Insure in the future. Thank you Club Insure and Karen for your help and the service I received yesterday.”

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Why do you need sports club insurance?

A theft or fire is disastrous for a club and always unexpected. Insurance through a dedicated broker is the best option for recovering from these calamities.

With an average claim amount of £5,700, most clubs cannot afford to not have sports club insurance. An even heftier claim, such as flood damage or loss of licence, could put your club out of business.

Some policies, including employer’s liability insurance, is legally required to cover the injuries of staff or volunteers. Many facilities are also requested to have Proof of Public Liability.

The type of sports club insurance you have is also a concern. Sports clubs should look to adequately cover all areas of their clubhouse which could result in a costly claim through damages or theft. – the roof, trophies, the bar and the furniture. Security is also a huge concern, playing a large role in the risk management procedures of sports clubs.

Comprehensive sports club insurance with Club Insure will involve an expert walking you through the legal proceedings of a claim. We will also fight on your behalf to achieve the best terms.

What’s included in sports club insurance?

If a member of the public makes a claim because they suffered an injury due to your negligence, you could be facing a hefty claim. Legal fees and compensation pay-outs can be costly. Can your club survive a drawn-out legal battle? Make sure you have the cover and expertise on hand to deal with any and all possible contingencies.

If you manage one or more employees or volunteers, it is a legal requirement to have employers’ liability insurance. This cover will protect you against claims made by a member of staff who has suffered from an injury or illness at work.

Make sure your property and assets are covered against accidental damage, loss or theft. Damage relates to fire or flooding as well as accidental damage by members of the general public. Our comprehensive insurance policy will protect you against any damage to the full replacement and reinstatement value of your assets.

In the event of an accident or incident that forces you to close your doors, you’ll need financial protection. We’ll cover you while you get back up and running.

Insurance types including management liability, loss recovery, cyber insurance, terrorism insurance, all can be added to your portfolio. We’ll work closely with you to tailor your policy, making sure you’re covered for eventualities.

If your policy does not have one of these covers, or if you feel the cover is not sufficient contact us today for a free intensive check-up.

Why purchase sports club insurance with Club Insure?

Club Insure know the sector inside out. We work with clubs to ensure they have the correct risk management solutions in places and are offered the best possible premium. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your sports club is covered by insurance suited to the protection you need.

Liability issues, licensing laws and regulatory changes continue to impact sports clubs. As a specialist broker, we have our finger on the pulse of the sector. We will be able to update you before changes happen to make sure you are fully protected.

Our in-house claims team and risk management specialists are here to provide additional help and reassurance, too. We’ll help you to control potential risks but, if the unexpected does happen and you need to make a claim, we’ll negotiate the process with you from start to finish.


  • One third of all sports injuries – of which there are 8.6 million in a year – occur on sports club premises.
  • 90% of athletes report sustaining a sports-related injury.
  • Clubs are liable for all injuries sustained on their premises.
  • 38% of claims made are because of theft or burglary.
  • 15% of claims made are weather-related

About Club Insure

Club Insure is a leading provider of comprehensive club insurance policies. We work with a panel of ‘A’ rated specialist golf insurers to make sure our customers are comprehensively covered if the unexpected happens. 

Our specialist risk managers will assess your club, offer advice and help to make sure you have the right control measures in place to minimise risk at your sports club. You’ll also have access to our extensive online library that’s full of relevant resources such as checklists and inspection documents that are designed to help you defend yourself against spurious claims.

If you do have to make a claim, don’t worry! We have a specialised team of claims experts who’ll handle the process from start to finish. So even if the worst does happen, we’ve got your back.


Sports clubs need Commercial Combined Sports Club Insurance. This type of policy includes a range of covers including cover for personal accidents, third party damage, and slips and trips. It will also cover against fire, theft and flood.

All clubs, with or without a premises, need commercial combined sports club insurance. Discuss your insurance portfolio with Club Insure to ensure you are fully covered for every eventuality.

Clubs are liable for all injuries sustained on their premises. And if the injury is thought to be due to negligence, then a claim could be brought against you. Public liability will protect you against any financial repercussions and using Club Insure as your broker will provide you access to our expert claims team.

If your sports club is a football club, the FA rules that all club must have public liability and personal accident insurance. These insurance types cover the cost of legal action and compensation claims made against your business. Protecting your employees and volunteers is essential; as a business owner you are liable for any accidents or injuries that occur on your premises. Talk to us and provide us with information so we can tell you exactly what cover you require.

It should do, if the pitches or playing fields are within the ‘grounds’ of your sports club. There will be clarification of the extent of your cover in your policy wording. If you’re unsure, you can speak to your Club Insure account handler.

Your sports club will need cover all year round. The more important issue with seasonality isn’t reducing cover for off-season, but making sure that you have automatic increases during peak.

Some of our policies include automatic stock increase cover, or cover for extra cash stocks at the busiest times/events of the year. Check your policy wording or ask one of the Club Insure team for more information on these types of cover.

You’ll most likely need specialist cover for any sports players. You may even need member-on-member cover depending on the type of sport played at your club. Again, the best thing to do would be to discuss your needs with a Club Insure team member who can tailor your policy.

Do you have any questions? We’re more than happy to help.