Bowling Club Insurance

Take the Jack with Club Insure Bowls Club Insurance

Every bowls club is different. So your club will have unique bowling club insurance requirements, too.

That’s why it’s important to work with a specialist broker that understands your needs and can negotiate the best policy for the best premium on your behalf.

Bowling club insurance with Club Insure

Club Insure is a specialist provider of leisure and hospitality insurance. We protect bowls clubs across the country, offering the insurance and risk management advice they need to keep their members and their business safe. 

Our dedicated account handlers will get to know your bowling club. We offer a series of phone calls and regular face to face meetings. You’ll also benefit from risk management services and an in-house team of claims experts. So whether you’re trying to minimise the risk of an accident happening, or need support managing a claim, you’ve come to the right place for specialist bowling club insurance.

Market leaders for the best Bowling club insurance

Due to our high standing within the industry, we’ve secured exclusive rates from a selected panel of specialist, ‘A’-rated British insurers. Our insurance partners understand the specific requirements of bowling clubs, helping you to find a comprehensive policy that suits your needs. 

Because of club insure’s strong relationships with both bowls clubs and insurance companies, we are certain we offer the best service and the best rates on bowls club insurance across the country.

Get the different bowls club insurance cover types

We offer a wider range of insurance solutions, adapting your policy to suit the needs of your club. This ensures complete protection in the event of a claim.

Our comprehensive cover is broken down into three main insurance types:

Buildings and Contents insurance

Protect every aspect of your business, including your building and belongings.

Liability Insurance

Includes Public liability insurance, Product insurance, Personal Accident cover and Employers’ Liability insurance. If someone who interacts with your club, whether a member of the public or an employee, makes a claim against you, you need to ensure you’re adequately covered.

Additional Covers

You might think your club won’t need Cyber or Terrorism cover, but our experience shows that you can never predict the unpredictable. Our experts will be able to talk you through the various additional covers you might need to protect your Bowls Club.


It should cover your bowls green, if the green is within your premises. There will be clarification of the extent of your cover in your policy wording. If you’re unsure, you can speak to your Club Insure account handler.

Your bowls club will need cover all year round. You could incur theft fire or flood at any time of the year and need to ensure your bowls clubs is covered.

You also need to think about times of year where your pitch will need restorative work or repairs (at the beginning and end of the season). This will mean more manual handling and extra risk.

Check your policy wording or ask one of the Club Insure team for more information on these types of cover.

As bowls is classed as a non-contact sport we can offer personal accident cover with a bowls club insurance policy. You may even need player-to-player cover. Again, the best thing to do would be to discuss your needs with a Club Insure team member who can tailor your bowls club policy.

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