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Community Cover is the best insurance Policy for community centres, Charities and village halls.

Local venues are at the heart of our communities, and it’s our mission to protect them. However we understand the difficulties inflation and the cost of living cause, which is why we strive to offer affordable cover which caters to your community centre’s individual needs.

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Community Cover is
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Community Cover is powered by Club Insure. We are the UK’s leading independent insurance broker for sports, social and political clubs. Our dedicated club insurance team are fully aware of the specific needs and requirements of community centres, village halls, civic centres, charties, charitable organisations, not-for-profits and social leisure centres. Each of these facilities fits under our umbrella of Community Cover.

What does Community Cover insure?

Community Cover have a wide range of policies available – community centres can pick and choose those that suit their needs. This ensures a tailored and successful solution for all shapes and sizes of community centres or charities. Our range of policies include:

Our range of COVERS:

Public Liability insurance for Community Centres

Community centres and village halls are open to the public. There are often a lot of people using your building at any one time. Accidents and injuries do occur, and you can’t always mitigate against every possible risk. Public Liability cover will protect you if a member of the public has an accident and makes a claim against you.

Employers’ Liability insurance for Community Centres

Many community centres are brilliantly run by volunteers and a small management team. Employers’ Liability covers your organisation in the event that something happens to your employees, such as a slip or trip.

Buildings and Contents cover for Community Centres

Your centre is the hub of the community. It’s a place where people go for help. support and guidance. But without your buildings, your belongings and your equipment, the people who rely on your services will have nowhere to go. Buildings and Contents Insurance protects you in the event of damage or theft to your property.

Business Interruption for Community Centres

Community centres often rely on the day-to-day income they generate to enable them to continue operating. So if a centre unexpectedly can’t open, it could mean big trouble. That’s where Business Interruption cover comes in. It will protect you financially until your business is back on its feet.

Equipment Breakdown Cover for Community Centres

Community Centres can accumulate plenty of equipment to keep the grounds ticking over. Whether it’s heavy duty or not, equipment breakdown insurance will cover your community centre’s machinery. Cover your grasscutter, lawnmower, coffee machine or catering equipment with this essential cover.

Fidelity Insurance for Community Centres

Community centre volunteers do an amazing job. But, because a lot of your staff are volunteers, it’s likely less background research is done before hiring. Unfortunately, there are some cases where staff have used the trust put in them by the centre to steal money. Fidelity insurance can cover the centre for the money lost.

Goods in Transit insurance for Community Centres

Transporting goods such as equipment, merchandise or possessions. Goods in transit insurance will cover the cost of these good from point A to B incase of crash, damage or theft.

Money Cover for Community Centres

Money at your premises needs to be covered. In transit to the bank or in a safe, any money your club is in possession of can be reimbursed if stolen or destroyed.

Personal Accident Insurance for Community Centres

If one of your operators has an accident at work, such as a serious injury or death, then personal accident insurance will cover your business for any financial losses, such as medical payments and bills.

Loss of Licence cover for Community Centres

Businesses such as village halls and community centres will need a range of licences. Music license, alcohol license, temporary event notices, and sale of food or goods licenses. If any of these are disputed then it could cause severe repercussions for your community centre. Insure any losses as a result of false dispute over licences.

Reputational Risks for Community Centres

Incase your clubs goes through a PR crisis, such as it’s situation, political alignment, or the actions of one of its members – if there is tangible proof it has affected business, then reputational risk cover can provide financial assistance.

Hirer’s Liability for Community Centres

Many members may want to hire our your community village hall; be it for weddings, parties, wakes, or celebrations. In preparation, you need to have hirer’s insurance in place to cover your venue in case of damages, vandalism, legal defence and compensation for accidental injury.

Professional Indemnity for Community Centres

Professional indemnity protects your qualified staff against consequences of their actions. It usually covers any advice given, covering against any losses which may occur.

Cyber Cover for Community Centres

Cyber crime and cyber attack insurance are crucial for modernised village halls and community centres. This protect against loss of data as a result of a breach, and loss of funds as a result of a cyber attack. If your centre utilises an app, online banking, digital documentation and personal records of members and employees, which it most likely does, then cyber cover is a must.

Legal Expenses cover for Community Centres

Legal disputes are costly and can be drawn out. Fully comprehensive legal expense insurance will cover cost as a result of hiring and pursuing a legal dispute.

Terrorism cover for Community Centres

Terrorism cover is on the rise as more and more clubs and community centres understand the risk of terror. If your community centre is in a high risk area, we will particularly suggest this cover. It covers both loss of entry and business as a result of terrorism, and damages to your premises and income as a direct result of an attack.

The 5 Key Advantages of Using Community Cover


Access to a dedicated handler

We want to ensure that you have the best level of service delivered to you, which is why we dedicate one account handler to deal with all your requests and needs. We believe relationships breed strength and trust, and we want our clients to have a strong honest relationship with their handler. Our handlers are experts in risk management and insurance policies relating to community centres, aiming to make your insurance as stress-free as possible.


Risk Management Assistance

Spotting the risks before incidents occur is a crucial way to save money in the long run. Reduce the likelihood of claims and the cost of cover at renewal by performing an accurate and comprehensive risk assessment. Community Cover utilise Club Insure’s effective risk management services, including manual handling assessments, employment law advice and fire safety training. Stay aware and properly informed with Community Cover for community centres.


In-house claims team

Community cover has access to CLUB Insurer’s brilliant in-house claims team. With 25 years’ experience, nothing comes as a surprise to our fantastic large team. Having an inhouse claims team speeds up the process, we’ll save you the time and stress of handling a claim yourself. We will walk you through the claims process from start to finish and beyond. We’ll do all the leg-work, research and fact-checking so you won’t have to worry about a thing.



We’ve got the know-how and strong insurer relationships to handle claims in the most efficient way possible. We only work with the best, a-rated insurers, so you know your community centre and village hall are in the right hands. Our longstanding relationship are what make us stand out as the insurance broker to recommend.


Part of the Community Cover community

Becoming part of the Community Cover community means you will be recognised, listen to and understood. By getting to know you, we gain a deeper understanding of your individual circumstances and the cover you’ll need to protect your organisation and its people. We will visit your club and provide guidance on the individual risks you may face.

Community venues are an invaluable asset to their local area. They’re a place for people to socialise, learn and connect.

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