Community centres Insurance

Specialist insurance for community venues

Community centres, village halls and other local venues are at the heart of many communities. It’s our aim to make sure these important establishments are protected. 

We support strong communities

Community venues are an invaluable asset to their local area. They’re a place for people to socialise, learn and connect.

Dedicated management teams and volunteers run these organisations brilliantly, but running a community centre or village hall is far from an easy operation. 

Centres and halls run on a tight budget. Many are charities, relying on the good nature of others to keep going. It’s therefore important to make sure your community venue is protected, to avoid any accident or incident making a financial impact. That’s where we come in. 

Our specialist community centre insurance cover, alongside our risk management service, provides the best possible protection.

Working with Club Insure

Club Insure’s service aligns with your values. We believe in the benefit of community centres. That’s why we work with a not-for-profit insurer who holds the same kind of ideals as the centres we protect. There’s no ulterior motive – both Club Insure and our insurer are dedicated to doing the right thing by our customers. 

We also understand the real impact of connecting and socialising. Community venues are all about coming together, and we want to be part of that. We don’t just sit behind a phone or computer to deliver insurance. We go out and visit our customers to get a clear understanding of how they work and what cover they’ll need. 

Our service is thorough and we focus on ensuring that, should you ever need to make a claim, the process is as stress free as possible. Our award-winning team will always deliver a dedicated and personal service. 

The Club Insure Approach


  • Visit all clients
  • Provide exclusive tailor-made policies
  • Offer additional risk management support packages
  • Negotiate claims on your behalf
  • Have an in-house claims department
  • Work with a not-for-profit insurer
  • Know your industry inside out, and talk about it
  • Associate with industry bodies to safeguard your future
  • Will never just sit behind a phone or computer to deliver insurance

Insurance cover for community centres

It’s true that each organisation will have its own unique requirements. There are, however, certain covers that your community venue will need to know about… 

Buildings and Contents

Your centre is the hub of the community. It’s a place where people go for help. support and guidance. But without your buildings, your belongings and your equipment, the people who rely on your services will have nowhere to go. Buildings and Contents Insurance protects you in the event of damage or theft to your property.

Business Interruption

Community centres often rely on the day-to-day income they generate to enable them to continue operating. So if a centre unexpectedly can’t open, it could mean big trouble. That’s where Business Interruption cover comes in. It will protect you financially until your business is back on its feet.

Fidelity Insurance

Community centre volunteers do an amazing job. But, because a lot of your staff are volunteers, it’s likely less background research is done before hiring. Unfortunately, there are some cases where staff have used the trust put in them by the centre to steal money. Fidelity insurance covers the centre for the money lost.

Employers’ Liability

Many community centres are brilliantly run by volunteers and a small management team. Employers’ Liability covers your organisation in the event that something happens to your employees, such as a slip or trip.

Public Liability

Community centres and village halls are open to the public. There are often a lot of people using your building at any one time. Accidents and injuries do occur, and you can’t always mitigate against every possible risk. Public Liability cover will protect you if a member of the public has an accident and makes a claim against you.

Additional covers

There are other covers to consider which will protect you against less obvious risk. Trustee cover, Cyber or Terrorism Insurance are just a few examples of the additional covers you might need. Your dedicated account handler will be able to advise you based on your individual circumstances.

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