Nightlife & hospitality insurance

Our sister company, NDML, works exclusively with the hospitality and leisure industry

NDML is a specialist broker to nightclubs, bars, casinos, hotels, restaurants, pubs and other night-time leisure businesses. Its level of service and quality of insurance offered is unparalleled in the industry. Like Club Insure, NDML works with industry associations such as the NTIA and BARBIE to ensure the team keep a close eye on industry developments in order to provide the best possible service. 

By choosing NDML, you are choosing an expert provider of insurance, specifically aimed at the diverse and dynamic late night leisure industry. As the market leader, NDML has secured exclusive rates from a select panel of specialist insurers who understand the industry implicitly. The NDML team will get to know you and your establishment, offering the most comprehensive policy suited to your individual needs. 

NDML will also help reduce your insurance costs by offering a risk management service and Claims Defensibility Training, as well as informing you of any changes in legislation and keeping you up to date with nightlife news.

Nightlife leisure and hospitality risks

Venues and establishments that are open to the public carry unique risks. NDML understands these, and works with a panel of trustworthy insurers to provide comprehensive cover. NDML can cover all aspects of your hospitality business, from your customers, employees and assets through to loss of profits. You’ll also be covered for your stock, money and loss of licence. 

Any business owner will understand that peace of mind is invaluable. When you work with NDML, you can rest assured your insurance cover is ticked off that to-do list. 

We only recommend the best

Although our specialities lie in different fields, our company values and ethics remain the same across both brands. 

Both Club Insure and NDML treat customers exceptionally. We go the extra mile. We’re open and honest with clients. So we can wholeheartedly vouch for NDML. They’re the premier broker for businesses and venues operating in the late night leisure and hospitality sector.