Bingo Club Insurance

Providing the best cover for bingo clubs

Independent bingo clubs and multi-venue operators have unique demands and requirements. We work closely with individual customers to tailor each insurance policy to these needs. 

We’re preferred insurance partners to The Bingo Association, the trade association for all British licensed bingo operators. Club Insure has the knowledge, industry experience and dedication to provide the most comprehensive cover for bingo halls. 

Every establishment knows how important it is to have adequate insurance protection. If something goes wrong, your policy will make sure your business can continue operating. But working with an independent broker has unique advantages. Not only will we handle every aspect of your bingo club insurance, we’ll also handle your risk management and claims. 

Why do you need bingo club insurance?

You may regard golf as a safe sport due to it not involving bodily contact as opposed to sports like football and rugby. However, it does have other risks that can be equally as harmful.

If bodily harm was to happen to a player or employee they could make a large claim against your golf club. Without insurance in place, a claim from a third party that has been seriously injured could pose enough financial strain to close the club.

You’ll also need to protect yourself from theft and damage. You may think equipment is safe within your golf club, but it is often targeted due to people being aware that equipment and buggies are often left unattended. It has even become more common for just the buggy battery to be stolen.

If your assets are damaged or destroyed you’ll need insurance to cover the financial strain that is caused. This way you’ll be able to get back up and running in no time.

Why work with Club Insure?

Our team of specialists have secured exclusive insurance rates from a selected panel of leisure-industry insurers. We’re able to offer comprehensive cover whilst also delivering significant savings on your premium – plus all the added perks of working with Club Insure. This includes risk management expertise, an in-house claims handling team and wellbeing partnership. 

Insurance that is provided by experts within the bingo insurance industry means that you have total peace of mind. Trust us, you’re in safe hands. 

What will my insurance cover?

Protect your assets, your people, your customers and your business. 

Our policies include a range of cover including Buildings and Contents, Liability cover, Business Interruption, Equipment cover, Cash cover and more. Remember – no two policies are the same. Our customers are much more than a policy number, and we provide cover that is completely tailored to your bingo club. 

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