Tennis Club Insurance

Game, set and match with Club Insure Tennis Club Insurance

We offer comprehensive insurance for all tennis clubs, personalised to your club’s unique needs. Our wide range of insurance solutions enables us to be able to adapt your policies to suit your tennis club, ensuring complete protection in the event of a claim. 

Our dedicated account executives want to find you a policy that meets all your insurance requirements. Tennis club insurance should be simple, easy and affordable – utilising the service of a broker is the most effective method.

Types of insurance for Tennis clubs:

Buildings and Contents insurance

This includes protection for your lawn, clay and hard tennis courts, club house facilities and function amenities.

Machinery and Equipment insurance

Keep your lawn mowers, ball machines and other amenities financially protect. This will also cover your club for any downtime experienced while equipment was unusable.

Public Liability Insurance for Tennis CLubs

Public liabilty, Product liabilty and Employers’ Liability for tennis clubs will protect you if someone makes a claim against you for any incidents or injury that happen as a result of your negligence. Legal fees and compensation costs can be pricey - let your insurance policy pick up the bill.

Public Accident Cover for Tennis Clubs

If a player suffers an injury whilst on your premises, Public Accident cover will pay out for any loss of earnings or treatment costs. An invaluable type of cover to provide reassurance to your members.

Additional Insurance Policies for Tennis CLubs

You might think your club won’t be a target for cyber crime or terrorism, but a major incident could have a catastrophic impact. Our experts will work closely with you to decide what additional covers you might need to protect your tennis club.

Tennis Club Insurance with Club Insure

Unlike many other brokers, you’ll meet your dedicated account executive face to face. We take the time to get to know your club and its risks, so you can have peace of mind that your tennis club is protected. From the information we gather we will provide a tailored, straight-forward proposal, demonstrating how we have improved the level of cover without increasing the premium.

Furthermore, to assist with payment, we offer a monthly payment plan to help spread the cost.

We also offer a risk management service, and have a dedicated claims team in-house to help you navigate the claims process. We offer a visitation service and a risk assessment of your club to determine the level of cover you require.


It very much depends on the club, but Club Insure are able to offer a range of policies to ensure you are always protected. Our comprehensive cover is broken down into Buildings and Contents to ensure every aspect is covered and our Liability insurance cover will provide for Public, Products and Employers Liability and Personal Accident. 

That depends on a range of factors, including the size of your clubs, the size of the membership, the claims history, the general maintenance, the state of the clubhouse, the amount of and utilisation of the facilities. For the best price and the best solution use a broker. Use Club Insure.

Yes, the theft of items which occurs on your premises will be covered by your building and contents insurance. Ensure you are fully protected and you are not made to foot the bill for expensive equipment.

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