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There have been attempts in recent times to successfully impose restrictions on the current ‘no win, no fee’ culture but it is still highly important that companies trading in the leisure industry maintain suitable cover for every single aspect of their business. As there are a selection of assorted activities and trading methods found within the leisure market it is essential that you are protected against any potential threats, both legal and physical. Business owners must adapt along with the general public as their awareness of their rights increases.

The current culture has become increasingly litigious but our lengthy experience facilitates our ability to assist you with the implementation and sustainment of solid processes and procedures to ensure that spurious claims do not damage your hard earned reputation.

When claims are made it is crucial that personnel perform with efficiency, diligence and speed. This can play an important part in the process and the outcome. The successful defence of a claim demands consummate professionals with the knowledge and experience to ensure all required procedures are in place. This includes:

  • All accident forms must be fully completed with complete inclusion of all available witness details.
  • Potentially invaluable understanding and capabilities of downloading relevant information from any operational CCTV cameras.
  • Each company check list needs to be retained should it become appropriate to provide them as evidence

Please note that any claimants that wish to pursue any matter have a three year period from the date of the incident in which to do so.

If you wish to report an urgent property claim out of normal office hours only:

Allianz customers should contact 0344 391 4061

ARCH customers should contact 0345 258 3880

AVIVA customers should contact 0800 015 1498

AXA customers should contact 0370 850 7134

Covea customers should phone 0330 134 8186

Ecclesiastical customers should contact 0345 603 8381

If you have purchased a Commercial Loss Assist policy then you should check your schedule and contact either DAS in addition to your main commercial insurer from the above selection

DAS Loss Assist – 0344 893 9332