Snooker club insurance

Make a 147 break with Club Insure’s snooker club insurance

Whether you’re an independent snooker centre or a multiple-venue operator, you’ll need comprehensive insurance cover in place. 

Club Insure Ltd provide comprehensive insurance and risk management policies tailored to suit all Snooker Clubs, whether independent or multiple-venue operators. Bespoke snooker club insurance policies ensure every aspect is covered, offering complete peace of mind in the event of a claim.

Being a specialist provider of leisure and hospitality insurance, we offer extensive experience in this diverse and dynamic field. As award winning market leaders, we have secured exclusive rates from a selected panel of A rated, British ‘Leisure focused’ insurers, who continue to deliver significant savings year on year.

An experienced team of insurance specialists will look after you every step of the way; from nation wide Account Executives who provide face to face reviews, to our knowledgeable, in-house Account Handlers and award winning claims management team.

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Snooker club insurance policies to put in your pocket

There are several types of cover you need to consider when arranging fully comprehensive insurance. 

Buildings and Contents insurance

You’ll need insurance to protect your property and your premises should damage, theft or other unexpected incidents occur. Insurance will cover against bad weather and damages which prevent your premises from being safe to open. Snooker halls also hold expensive property and equipment, keep them protected with contents insurance.

Machinery and Equipment insurance

Keep the various types of machinery and equipment on your premises protected with insurance. This will cover costs of repair and the costs incurred by your business due to the lack of equipment.

Public Liability insurance

If someone is injured or their property is damaged as a result of your negligence, your policy will cover you for legal fees and any compensation payments.

Employers’ Liability insurance

Your staff or volunteers shouldn’t be injured or fall ill while at work, they could make a claim against you. Make sure your club doesn’t need to dip into its reserves to pay for defense costs or compensation payouts.

Additional covers

With everything being booked online and technology becoming more and more part of our daily lives and the day to day of running a business, cyber crime is a dangerous and certain risk. Cyber crime cover will ensure your club is financially protected. Terrorism can affect anyone at any time and should be insured against, and business interruption insurance will protect the finances of your club if it experiences downtime due to a number of factors.

That’s our cue to come in…

Arrange Snooker club insurance with Club Insure and jump ahead of the queue.

You might not know exactly what level of cover your club needs. Fortunately we do. We’ll get to know you properly to find out more about you and your unique risks. We offer a free visitation service and risk assessment. Our account executives are experts in the leisure and hospitality industry, so you can rest easy, you’re in safe hands when you work with us. 

As award-winning market leaders, we have secured exclusive rates from a selected panel of ‘A’ rated, British leisure focussed insurers. That means we’re able to get you the best policy for the most affordable price.

We’re not just your standard broker, though. We also have a dedicated claims management team and risk management services available to help you further protect your snooker club and safeguard its future.


Public liability insurance is a legal necessity for all clubs and businesses. Snooker clubs should look for a comprehensive tailored hockey club insurance which includes public liability and personal accident cover, business interruption insurance and additional covers. This is where a successful broker such as Club Insure comes in.

Cover varies from club to club. The minimum amount is around £5 million however more often the total cover would be closer to £20 million. Talk to your broker to get a better gauge of how much insurance you need to take out. 

Various policies are required to protect the various parts that comprise a snooker hall. These include building and contents insurance, public liability insurance, employers’ liability insurance, personal accident cover, as well as additional covers. Comprehensive cover from Club Insure can encompass all of these to ensure you are fully protected.

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