Hockey Club Insurance

Club Insure will be the best defender on your team

We’re well-known in the industry for providing exceptional service alongside our comprehensive insurance cover. Our passion for the sports and leisure industry means we’re determined to help our customers survive and thrive – we’re fierce champions of the sector. We won’t simply phone you or take details via email. Our dedicated account executives will pay you a personal visit to find out more about your hockey club and investigate the cover you really need.


Insurers recognise our hard work. This gives us access to a specialist panel of ‘A’ rated insurers who provide the best flexible, tailored scheme for hockey clubs here in the UK. We offer the best solutions, the best cover, the best rates and ultimately the best experience at Club Insure.

What cover does my hockey club need?

Buildings and Contents insurance

Hockey clubs are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, resulting in improved astro-turf playing surfaces, floodlights, changing room facilities and function amenities. It is therefore essential that your insurance cover meets the needs of your club, ensuring adequate protection in the event of a claim. If your building or belongings need to be repaired or replaced, don’t end up footing the bill.

Machinery and Equipment insurance

If your expensive equipment is stolen, lost or damaged, the cost or replacing it could be financially crippling for your hockey club. This is where your hockey club insurance policy kicks in.

Liability insurance

Protect your players, members, visitors and employees with our wide variety of Liability covers. This includes Personal Accident cover, Public Liability and Employers’ Liability. If a third party makes a claim against you, you’ll be covered for any compensation payouts and legal fees. Includes

Additional covers

The chances of a cyber or terror attack impacting your club is undoubtedly low. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen and, if it does, the consequences could be catastrophic. We’ll help you to understand what policies could help to protect your hockey club even further.

Hockey Club Insurance at Club Insure

Club Insure isn’t just an insurance broker. We also provide risk management services and have a dedicated claims team in-house to help negotiate claims on our client’s behalf. We want to minimise the risk of claims but be there for our hockey clubs if an accident or incident means a claim is inevitable. 

Consider us an extension of your business, and a friendly face to assist you when you may need it most. We also offer a monthly payment plan to help spread the cost and assist with payment for your policy.


Public liability insurance is a legal necessity for all clubs and businesses. England Hockey provide a limited insurance policy within their membership package deal. Hockey club should instead look for a comprehensive tailored hockey club insurance which includes personal accident cover, business interruption insurance and additional covers. This is where a successful broker such as Club Insure comes in.

This will be stipulated and negotiated by your broker, but typically no, there is no excess to be paid on personal accident claims, liability claims or damage claims.

This will depend upon your individual policy, but a full comprehensive hockey club insurance will include building and content insurance, public liability insurance, employers’ liability insurance, personal accident cover, fire, flood and theft cover, as well as additional covers such as cyber cover and business interruption insurance. Club Insure will provide you with information and a free visitation to assess your risks and offer a quote on your insurance. 

For more information and to arrange a confidential review, please get in touch