Barrett Corp Harrington

Club Insure have partnered with Barrett Corp Harrington. BCH is a RICS regulated company that specialises in reinstatement cost assessments.

Benchmark is an e-valuation service that utilises BCH’s extensive database of compliant businesses and other industry sources. It offers a more accurate valuation of sports and social clubs, leading to a correct sums insured.

Every valuation is unique and tailored to the requirements of the club’s policies. Over the last 15 years, BCH has carried out over 50,000 RCAs and identified that around 70% of properties are underinsured.

Club Insure have partnered with BCH because we want to; extend our offering, utilise their experience, take advantage of Benchmark’s database, and deliver more accurate valuations of clubhouses, faster

About BCH

Barrett Corp & Harrington Ltd (BCH) provides professional and reliable building insurance rebuilding cost valuations to businesses across the UK and Europe. 

Their team includes 30 experiences Buildings Insurance Surveyors, whose mission is to provide clubs with the most reliable and cost effective solution available. To achieve this, every assessment is unique and is build on a great relationship between insurer, surveyor, broker and client. 

BCH’s overall objective is to help reduce the level of underinsured properties across the UK. Together with insurers and brokers, BCH hope to prevent any club owners from being at risk of significant financial loss.

What is Benchmark evaluation?

Benchmark uses a combination of live construction cost data and data from reinstatement cost assessments. It determines both the value of your building now, and the cost to rebuild your property were something catastrophic to happen in the future.

The e-valuation is performed without visiting the property, therefore we are able to deliver an accurate valuation much more quickly without any disruption to your day to day practices.

This system is also valid for Grade 2 listed buildings and for buildings up to a sums insured of £5 million. In circumstances where reports need to be separated, such as for multiple sites, Club Inure will offer site-based Reinstatement Cost Assessments, fitting the needs of your club.

The Benefits of Benchmark for clubs

By using utilising the service Benchmark, Club Insure are providing valuations to be performed more often, easier and quicker, reducing the risk of sums insured being inaccurate.

Benchmark, through its wide database, allows for much more accurate valuations of properties. The benefits of an accurate valuation include reducing the risk of both over insurance (paying too high a premium) and underinsurance (a reduced pay-out in the event of a valid claim)

Our partnership has been designed with Club Insure clients in mind. If you would like to learn more about working with us in order to benefit from our partnership with BCH, get a quote here.

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