Club Insure talks to Business Development Executive, Adam Lister

Meet Adam Lister

Adam is a Business Development Executive at Club Insure. He’s been with Club Insure for 12 years, guiding and nurturing talent within the business, as well as leading on the relationship building with prominent sector giants.

Adam specialises in the sports and social and the leisure and hospitality sectors. His role predominantly utilises different marketing channels to promote Club Insure’s benefits and solutions.

For over a decade, longstanding relationships between Club Insure and clients have been kickstarted by Adam. Many top clubs and courses around the country have Adam to thank for introducing them to Club Insure’s innovative solutions. He works around the clock, ready to impart his knowledge about Club Insure’s packages and the best path forward for clubs who are in an unforeseen situation.

Adam discusses his role:

“My role is to generate prospective new clients through different marketing channels whether it be phone call, social media, or phoning Development Executives to go out on business appointments to sell our products and service.”

Adam discusses why should clients work with Club Insure:

“We’ve had a club and nightclub scheme for a long time. We know our client’s very well, we understand the risks. Markets are open to working with us and we see that the late night leisure sector has struggled especially since COVID. We work to offer a tailored package to clubs – we are the leading nighttime and sports and social club specialist.

Adam discusses Club Insure and NDML’s customer service:

“The service we provide is not just our product – it’s everything that comes with it. We have an award winning claims service; we have account handlers that deal with renewals; we don’t finish at 5pm, you can call us anytime and we’ll be there at the other end of the phone.”

Adam discusses his personal involvement with sports and social clubs:

“Sports and social clubs are something that have been close to my heart for a long time – especially considering I’ve been here for 12 years. I’m a golfer by season, I’m sure I’ll be out soon knocking in a few holes.”

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