How to Switch and Renew your Club Insurance

Why have Clubs chosen to renew with us?

– Nick Howell, Club Insure Business Development Executive

“We understand the current difficulties with renewals. The hard market, increased rates and inflation have severely affected premiums. Many clubs are worried for their finances; a hike to insurance premiums is a resentful expense. With the cost of living crisis and cost of equipment replacement, clubs are needing to save money. Clubs are now resorting to shopping around, looking at alternative brokers, or potentially reducing cover.”

“We are dedicated to providing substantial benefits alongside your premiums. At Club Insure, our aim is to keep premiums under control without reducing cover too far and leaving your club exposed and underinsured. We allocate each club a dedicated handler to walk through the process of switching brokers and follow up on any requests.”

“We have a range of resources available, allowing clubs to improve their security and avoid claims. If a claim is made, our one of a kind in-house claims team is on hand to rapidly respond. These subsidiary benefits need to be factored into Club Insure’s premium, confirming we are the most popular broker for sports and social clubs in the country.”

“So if you are looking for a new broker, look no further. At Club Insure we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate customer service, delivering ideal financial solutions for all our clients.”

Still to be convinced?

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How to get started switching Club Insurance brokers...

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