Sports Club Insurance

Here at Club Insure we specialise in the provision of carefully structured risk management and sports club insurance within the UK. We have unfaltering knowledge within the sector which means our skilled team constantly meet the needs of a wide range of sports clubs and venues.

We provide insurance for sports clubs such as:

  • Bowling
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Snooker

We’re dedicated to securing the best possible rates and yearly savings for our clients by utilising quality insurers that focus on the leisure industry.

Why do you need Sports Club Insurance?

There are endless reasons why. A club member, employee or member of the public may experience injury while at your sports club or your equipment or property may be damaged.

There is a common need for insurance despite what type of sport club you have. This is due to the risk of third party injury and damage to the club property or assets.

If there was a fire at your sports club and your assets were damaged, you’re very unlikely to be able to continue operating your business. Your insurance will protect your business against the financial loss that is suffered as a result of the fire.

What will the insurance cover?

We understand that each sports club will have specific needs that they need catering for which is why we tailor each insurance package. This way you know that your sports club is covered by insurance that is suited to the protection you need. Sports clubs continue to be impacted by liability issues and alterations to legislation but we can provide each of our clients with bespoke security.

If your sports club has one or more employees you’re legally required to also be covered by employer’s liability insurance. This will ensure you’re protected from the risk of compensation claims made by your employee’s that have suffered from injury as a result of the sports club.

Your insurance will protect your assets should you experience a business interruption that means your business is not able to operate.

If you’d like to find out more, or simply put in an enquiry – give us a call on 0844 488 9204 or use our contact form.