20% increase to UK flood damage bill

Researchers have produced a detailed “future flood map” of Britain – simulating the impact of flooding as climate change takes its toll. 

See the future flood map here

How climate change affects flooding?

The annual cost of flood damage across the UK currently, according to the Association of British Insurers, is £700m. Current main areas which see heavy flooding and consequently large flood claims costs, are Manchester, London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and the North East.

But with the continued increase in global warming, expected flood costs should also increase. Bristol University researchers took the expected increase in temperature of 1.8C and analysed the percentage increase in annual flood cost, creating another “future flood map”. They say the Government’s flood maps do not take this into account and are therefore insufficient.

Future flood maps which account for climate change now see Merseyside, South Wales, much of the North West as the highest risk areas, and yet with no history of flooding, may be the least prepared. For high risk areas in the Yorkshire Dales and Calderside in Scotland, accurate flood maps are invaluable. They are also essential to inform insurers and risk analyst, who use history of flood and flood likelihood to determine cover details and policy terms.

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