How clubs can maximise profits during the Six Nations

Wishing Success to Kevin Sinfield at the Six Nations, and Good Luck upon your announced retirement from the national team.

Club Insure’s friend and partner Kevin Sinfield CBE will be at the Rugby Six Nations as England Skills Coach. Kevin Sinfield has been a great friend to club insure, and our partner since 2021. We’ve supported him through his move to Union, and all of his incredible fundraising achievements, including the 7 in 7, extra mile and ultramarathons. We’re sure that after coaching the nation’s team, Kevin will find another impressive and demanding challenge.

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For sports and social clubs, the Rugby Six Nations provides an excellent opportunity. Here is everything clubs need to know about the Six Nations:

When is the Six Nations?

The Six Nations starts 2nd February 2024 with France vs Ireland at 8pm. It will then see games every weekend, Saturdays and Sundays (with a gap on the 2nd – 3rd of March) up until the final weekend of Saturday 16th March.

Who is hosting the Six Nations?

France are the hosts this year, they’ll be starting the tournament in a blockbuster game against the champions, Ireland, on Friday night. England kick off their tournament against Italy at 2.15pm on February 3rd.

How to watch the rugby Six Nations?

Six Nations fixtures will be shown on the BBC and ITV. Live streams are available for free at BBC iPlayer or ITVX. Clubs should look to show these games, advertise on signs ahead of time to hopefully get a few extra customers.

Which teams to look out for?

The hosts, France, are favourites. They need to make up for being knocked out on home soil in the Quarter-Final of the last Rugby World Cup. And the ones who beat them, Ireland, are also likely winners.

England achieved the best results of the Six Nation nations during the World Cup, and Scotland have exciting players, as do Wales and the always surprising Italy. This year, anyone could win, and it maybe a story of individual brilliance rather than team effort which secure victory for the destined side.

Everything sports and social clubs need to prepare before hosting a Rugby Six Nations event:

Overcrowding Management

If your showing the Six Nations or holding an event, your event could very easily become overcrowded. Ensure you do not exceed the capacity of your venue. Be prepared by clearing space for walking lanes, offering outdoor seating, and perhaps ticketing your event.


Sport, alcohol and competition can result in poor behaviour. An increase of guests to your premises can also pose security threats. Keep everything safe and secure with CCTV and signs showing there are cameras in operation.


Pint glasses and other glass where is not recommended when showing the Six Nations. These can very easily be broken by guests, during celebrations and during difficult periods, and especially during busy England games. Instead, use Polypropylene glasses to minimise the danger from broken glass.

If you decide to allow bottles, make sure that they are cleared regularly and that any spills or breakages are dealt with immediately due to the higher risk of injury to patrons.

Managing bad behaviour

It’s your obligation as the licensee to make sure that there is minimal nuisance to local residents during the games and afterwards as people make their way home.

Organise with taxi companies to ensure transportation is available for patrons. This will help to reduce risk of incident.

Food and Drink

Clubhouses may want to stock up on food and drinks before the game, ensuring businesses can maximise their take during the event.

Rugby Six Nations Event Insurance

With added capacity comes added risk, and you may not be covered under your existing policy terms if you hold an outdoor event. Please contact your account handler at Club Insure to enquire about whether extra insurance for an event is required.

When England playing in the Six Nations?

The first game is:

England vs Italy – February 3rd at 2:15pm

And then the following games are:

England vs Wales – February 10th at 4:45pm

England vs Scotland – February 24th at 4:45pm

England vs Ireland – March 9th at 4:45pm

England vs France – March 16th at 8:00pm