How does SmartWater by DeterTech work?

Deter thieves with SmartWater by DeterTech

Many premises across the UK are invisibly marked with SmartWater technology, unbeknownst to thieves and would-be criminals. Only under the effects of UV light are security staff and police able to reveal the crime, an effective deterrent that has a 100% conviction rate.

DeterTech are helping businesses and private individuals evolve their security systems, making the the world a safer place and helping owners and communities sleep more soundly at night. Yet, it’s a product invented 20 years prior that has become the proven solution.

SmartWater is the toughest tracing system available, and offers club owners their own unique code, linking criminals to the scene of the crime. This easy-to-apply substance is perfect for club buildings, clubhouses and equipment, proving an effective deterrent.

What is SmartWater forensic marking?

SmartWater is a product by DeterTech which marks assets, intruders and foundations with an irrefutable, invisible liquid that is difficult to remove from skin and clothes.

This marking acts as a signature which can be forensically analysed and tracked back to your premises. It’s ideal for identifying stolen property, convicting criminals and ultimately deterring theft.

DeterTech’s SmartTag, SmartTrace and SmartSpray products each involve SmartWater. SmartTag is a handheld spray, the perfect non-threatening device that can be used by security staff. SmartTrace is a traceable liquid that can be assigned to assets and valuables. SmartSpray secures entry points and high-value goods areas by covering intruders upon activation.

Each of these SmartWater Technologies can be used outside and have been proven in domestic and commercial environments. SmartWater has 20 years’ worth of evidence protecting valuables, people and communities and helping to make the world a safer place.

Where to put SmartWater marking?
  • Machinery
  • Electrical goods
  • Jewellery
  • IT equipment
  • On ATMs
  • Cables
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • GPS systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Stoneware
  • Possible points of entry, including window doors and walls
  • Lead roofs
  • Products sold internally
  • Solar Panels
What types of businesses already use SmartWater?
  • Many clubs and associations already use SmartWater
  • Churches
  • Retail stores
  • Car, van and bike owners
  • IT businesses and office firms
  • Home residents
  • Railways
  • Farms and rural businesses
  • Schools
  • Utility firms
  • Banks
Here are some incredible examples of SmartWater in use which have already been put into practice:
  • Second hand dealers upon reviewing the history of a sale
  • Scrap dealers and recyclers when discovering stolen goods
  • Police forces for catching criminals; SmartWater has a 100% conviction rate and has been used to convict hundreds of criminals.
  • Railways mark tracks and cable with SmartSpray
  • Churches mark their lead rooves with SmartTrace
  • SmartWater has aided in the recovery of more than 150 solar panels
  • SmartSpray has been used within a pre-installed alarm system, triggered by passive infrared – trusted by jewellers, banks and warehouses.
  • Stats show a 86% reduction in cable theft for BT
  • Stats show a 57% reduction in catalytic converter theft nationally with Toyota

DeterTech’s tailored security solutions provide asset protection to a wide range of industries and will be considered by insurers. From helping construction sites to clubs to SMEs and beyond, DeterTech are market leading experts committed to protecting premises and businesses.

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If DeterTech’s solutions and the SmartWater technology is something you are considering for your club and clubhouse, please get in touch with Club Insure. We will be able to talk you through the various plans and advise on what is the most suitable and most affordable security solution for your specific club.