Why do Clubs need Public Liability?

If the employees or volunteers at your sports and social club interact with the public in any way, you need public liability.

The number of public liability claims have increased in the UK over the most past decade. £9.7 billion pounds worth of claims were paid out in 2019 for liabilty insurance in the UK. In 2020, this grew to £14 billion, with over 14,900 seperate claims, the largest jump this decade.

Though public liability insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK, it is considered a necessity. Accidents are always possible if your club operations involve direct contact with third parties, and especially if you have frequent welcome visitors.

To protect you financially, it is vital you are prepared for the worst. Clubs needs comprehensive public liability policies in place. And Club Insure are specialist public liabilty brokers for clubs, ensuring clubs get the best deal on their insurance.

Get public liability insurance for your social club

Get public liability insurance for your sports club

What does Public Liability cover?

Claims covered by public liability are wide ranging. It covers most accidents or injuries a member of the public sustains while located at your premises. The damage you or your employees or volunteers cause to third party property is also covered by public liability. It also covers the legal fees and compensation payments that would be payable if your club is found liable. Cover can range from £1 million to 2 million and beyond.

Most common claims include:

Slips – a customer or guest attends your club and slips on wet floor, breaking a bone. If they are unable to work or compete, they will most likely claim against you. Public liability will protect you from financial losses.

Trips – a customer or guest catches themselves on a wire, plug or rope, and injures themselves. Public liability insurance will cover the costs if they were to claim.

Falls – a visitor falls down stairs after leaving their seat. They may claim against you for the time they have to take off work. Public liability will cover the legal fees alongside any other costs relating to the incident.

Damages – a member of your club accidentally smashes a nearby window or part of a third party’s property. Public liability will often be needed to cover the cost of damages.

How much is public liability insurance for clubs?

The cost of public liability insurance for clubs depends on a range of factors. According to our competitive insurers, the average price for public liability insurance is over £110 a year. However smaller companies and clubs can receive sub-£100 premiums. The price of a premium depends upon:

  • the industry your club is involved in
  • the nature of your club
  • the scale of your club
  • the location of your club
  • the number of guests your club welcomes on a weekly basis
  • …as well as other factors such as growth and history.

The best and most effective way to lower your premiums is to go through a broker. Brokers such as Club Insure understand the market and hold a good relationship with insurers. We will be able to design a tailored deal suited to your needs; one which only includes the cover you need, and none you don’t.

The only way to truly know how much your public liability will cost is by requesting a quote. Fill out a quote form here or talk over the phone for a free enquiry and to arrange a possible visitation.

What should clubs do when an incident occurs?

The most important action clubs should do when an incident that could result in a claim occurs, is call Club Insure.

Some other points to remember include:

  1. Do not accept liability
  2. Provide first aid assistance
  3. Clear up any spillages 
  4. Photographs of the location and also the injuries of the injured person
  5. Take statements from witnesses
  6. Complete an accident book entry
  7. Contact us or your insurer and inform on the likelihood of a possible claim

To contact us you can reach Club Insure at 0344 488 9204.