The importance of Loss Adjusters

What are Loss Adjusters?

Loss Adjusters are professionals who assess the amount of money you should be paid following an insurance claim.

They will visit your premises as soon as possible after a claim has been made. They will check if your claim is valid and the extent of damage. Basically they’ll be assessing what is and isn’t covered by your insurance policy, and how much they deem the damage to be worth.

Do I need to appoint my own Loss Adjuster?

Loss adjusters are generally appointed by insurers following a claim. Loss adjusters are instructed by an insurance company, but should remain independent. A loss assessor is appointed by the individual policyholder. The two generally work “on opposite sides” to eventually decide on a settlement.

Some clients choose to pay for additional DAS cover. This cover, Club Insure Assist, means customers have their own Loss Adjuster appointed (in addition to anyone instructed by insurers) immediately at no additional cost.

This is an invaluable service if you have to make a claim as it provides businesses with a much more efficient service. Getting clear guidance on what to do to minimise disruption in some cases is key to getting a business back up and running again.

If you have Club Insure Assist cover, you will be assisted throughout the claim. Your Loss Adjuster can collate information to support a business interruption claim if the premises has been unable to trade for a while. This leaves you to do what you do best – running your business.

This cover can be added at any time during the year, not just at renewal.

What should I do if a Loss Adjuster is unavailable?

In cases where there is significant bad weather, loss adjusters are in high demands. At Club Insure we report claims through to insurers promptly. This gives our clients the best chance of being at the front of the queue.

If it’s likely to take longer than usual for a Loss Adjuster to inspect your premises, you should seek advice from your insurer or insurance broker on the action you should take until then.

In the event of a flood / storm claim you should:

  • Check that you have the appropriate cover under your policy
  • Report the claim through to Club Insure or your insurers’ out of hours reporting line
  • Under the terms of your policy you might be obliged to try and minimise your loss and to keep the business trading if you can
  • Be aware that until your insurer has confirmed that the policy cover is in force, any costs that you incur (such as appointing a cleaning contractor) will be at your own risk
  • List the damage and get estimates as quickly as you can
  • Take photos to illustrate the extent of the damage. These can be very useful to help indicate to the loss adjuster the extent of the damage if they is unable to visit your property immediately.
  • Do not dispose of any items. If you need to arrange replacements then keep the damaged originals for the Loss Adjuster to inspect

Do you need Club Insure Assist?

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