What to do if there’s a COVID-19 outbreak at your club

Since clubs like yours have been allowed to reopen, depending on your location, one question we’ve seen repeated is what do if there is an outbreak of COVID-19 at your club. However robust your risk management may be, it’s impossible to completely eliminate risk.

The good news is, an isolated case probably doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. One of your members could have caught it from family, in the supermarket, or countless other environments. But don’t be complacent. It’s important to take steps in line with government advice even for just one case.

Any more than one, and you should think about the next steps you need to take. Investigate where the transmissions may be coming from. And mitigate against any future risk to keep your club, your team and your members safe.

If you do see several cases at your club, Club Insure your first port of call. Our team, alongside our partners at Stallard Kane can look at your individual case and make sure you’re taking appropriate action. But in the meantime, our top tips include:

Identify the outbreak

If a member of staff or customer falls ill with coronavirus symptoms, they should contact your venue and let you know when they last visited you. Alternatively if you are using a government track & trace system, provided the individual registers their case, you should be contacted by track & trace.

Stick to the plan

As part of your risk assessment, you should have a plan in place in case their is a COVID-19 outbreak at your club. Make sure this plan is regularly reviewed and up to date. If you need support in preparing or updating your risk assessment, contact our team who can help you through it.

Contact Public Health England

You should report the suspected outbreak to your local PHE health protection team if there is more than one case of COVID-19 associated with your venue.

Keeping it clean

As a general rule if you have more than one case, you should undertake a deep clean throughout all areas of your club. Whether you shut down to make sure this is done thoroughly, or work through the hours you’re closed, it’s important to make sure any potential traces of the virus are eradicated.

Once you have taken all these steps, you should be safe to re-open when government guidance allows. But it’s important to always ensure you follow the guidance given to you by your local health protection teams.

As always, if you’re confused by what you should do next, our dedicated risk management team can walk you through it. Visit our contact page, or call 0344 488 9204 to find out more about the help we can provide.

In addition to our advice above, our partners at Stallard Kane have pulled together the attached guide detailing more information on your COVID-19 questions. You can download this by clicking on the image below: