Club Spotlight: Selby Trades Hall Working Men’s Club

In the heart of Selby stands Selby Trades Hall Working Men’s Club. Though very much a traditional Working Men’s Club in style and in atmosphere, the club has continued to evolve and bring in new members.

From pigeon club to Selby Trades Hall Working Men’s Club

The club has been part of Selby’s history for over 150 years. It first started as a pigeon club before evolving into a Working Men’s Club.

The large bar area is complemented by snooker tables, which attracts younger people to socialise and purchase a membership. There’s also a concert room situated on an upper floor, giving locals a great opportunity to enjoy Soul nights and other live entertainment (COVID-19 pandemic permitting). The room is also available to hire, providing the local community with a great function room for parties and gatherings. The team proudly tell us it’s the biggest function room available to hire in Selby.

Bingo and karaoke are staple activities here. Though this is no ordinary Working Men’s Club. There’s a mix of activities for everyone, from the most traditional members through to snooker-loving teenagers.

A community hub

We meet Raymond, who joined the club at just 19 years old. It used to be (and in many cases, still is) tradition for fathers or grandfathers to gift family members club membership on their 18th birthday. Raymond’s family have been loyal members of the club. His grandfather was a club trustee, and Raymond has gone on to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps to become a trustee himself.

It’s clear the local community view the club as a second home. Mandy, the bar manager, has been involved with the club for many years. It’s clear members and staff make lifelong friends and partnerships at the club. It’s such a homely, welcoming environment so it’s easy to see why the community embraces the club.

With just a handful of committee members, it’s great to see the loyalty and dedication of its members. The club proudly displays photographs of key members, demonstrating the real personal touch. Of course, the club must make money to survive, but it’s not a purely commercial venture. It offers a unique environment where club members are treated like members of a family.

Though the club has over 600 members, the team know their regulars well. Mandy can tell you who sits where, and what the locals like to drink. It’s this community connection that makes the club so special.

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