The Cricket Security Whitepaper

How to Implement Anti-Social Behaviour Protection and Security Measures

Cricket clubs are vibrant community hubs, important to cultural heritage and wellbeing. However, they are also prone to a variety of risks; from theft to vandalism. Never are they more at risk than during winter, where some cricket clubs are left for weeks maybe months at a time without attention.

Winter lockdown, as it’s known, where cricket clubs lock away their equipment and leave the premises for months at a time – has been identified as a prime area for theft and vandalism. Therefore, the security during winter of the premises and machinery needs to be prioritised and highlighted.

Changes to your club’s security will also assist throughout the year, as the risk of theft and vandalism is ever-present for local clubs.

With this in mind, Club Insure have listed actionable objectives towards cricket club security, detailed within the document below.

Club Insure’s Cricket Security Whitepaper

The whitepaper outlines the many ways in which cricket clubs can act to deter potential thieves and vandals. These changes will, in the long run, save cricket clubs money by reducing costs such as losses and claims costs.

This whitepaper is endorsed by Mark Dearden, The Cricket Scheme Manager at Club Insure. He writes:  “The majority of cricket clubs are less active over winter and are more vulnerable to theft and malicious damage. There are many ways in which a cricket clubs can reduce risks; the following outlines some of the measures available to clubs along with a brief case history from one of our clients.”

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The whitepaper includes a case study, providing real time examples of how to improve cricket ground security.

In the new year, a representative showed us around their cricket ground premises, explaining the measures they’ve taken to improve security. This includes gated security for their practice area and nets, reinforced security for their scorebox and their CCTV.

All cricket clubs should consider implementing these examples as they are popular changes among all forms of sports clubs and, indeed, social clubs.

We have detailed the meet and greet with our local cricket ground representative here: