Why your club should consider installing a gaming machine

Pubs and clubs are on the look out for additional revenue streams. Finding efficient, simple ways to make money may seem like a challenge. However, hiring a gaming machine could be the answer. 

We chat with The Rudd Group, specialist suppliers, to find out everything a licensed trader might want to know. 

Is it best to hire or buy a gaming machine? 

When you hire a gaming machine, you don’t need to make any upfront investment. You can work with a reputable supplier such as The Rudd Group, who also help licensed venues to maintain their machines. 

The benefits of hiring a machine

Did you know a gaming machine is often the most profitable two square foot in your venue? A gaming machine naturally keeps customers in your venue for longer. This means these customers are more likely to hang around and order another drink, or a bite to eat. Increasing your wet and dry sales can only be a good thing. 

Some customers report making an additional £5-£10k profit through hiring a gaming machine. This is a huge amount of money, for very little effort. 

Which machine should I choose?

It’s important to stay ahead of your competition. Keep an eye out for the most popular machines on the market, and make sure you install the most recent machines if you can. This will keep your loyal customers intrigued and engaged, and might just tempt in a few new players too. 

Digital machines are increasing in popularity as they house similar content to online and gaming apps. It’s worth noting that traditional analogue machines still do have their place in the market – some customers love them. 

How will the COVID-19 pandemic impact the use of gaming machines? 

Of course, national and local lockdowns are a completely evolving situation. All venues and businesses should continue to follow government advice. 

Gaming machines require users to touch them, which could lead to transmission of the coronavirus pandemic. Pubs and clubs must ensure that gaming machines are sanitised regularly. Antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser should be located next to the machine, so users are able to sanitise the machine before and after use. 

During these difficult time, it’s important venues do everything they can to drive profits. Keeping gaming machines switched on and running is a great way to boost revenue. 

What does working with a supplier involve? 

A reputable supplier such as The Rudd Group will conduct a free site survey. Their experts have been with the industry for years. That means they’re great at offering quality advice on everything from machine type right through to where to position the gaming machine within your venue. 

After that initial visit, your gaming machine supplier should handle the rest. They’ll take care of permits, installation, collection and servicing of the machine. It’s super easy for the venue to install a gaming machine – their supplier should do most of the hard work. 

What about security? How can pubs and clubs keep their gaming machine safe? 

Your supplier should empty your machine either every one or two weeks. You should also consider installing an extra security skirt to deter thefts. 

Fortunately, break in rates are very low. That doesn’t mean clubs or pubs should be complacent, though. Take additional security measures and avoid the stress and monetary loss of a break in. Perhaps ensure your machine is monitored by CCTC, and train your staff to be vigilant of signs of suspicious behaviour. 

Does my insurer need to know about my gaming machine?

Whether you’ve hired a machine, or bought one yourself, your insurer will need to know about it. A gaming machine on your premises inevitably increases risk and could lead to an increase in your premium. If you don’t tell your insurer about your gaming machine, you may find that you’re not insured if the worst case scenario happens. 

Your insurance policy may have a stipulated limit for cash values in a machine, so make sure you comply with this. 

What are the licensing rules or regulations for venues with a gaming machine? 

Venues looking to install a gaming machine should apply for a permit from the local council, though your gaming machine supplier should be able to handle this for you. Your permit may allow you to install up to two machines, though additional permits can be applied for. 

There are additional regulations you should be aware of. For example, gaming machines should be installed in line of site of the bar so your team are able to keep an eye on it. Again, it’s important to work with a reputable supplier who will be able to advise on machine positioning. 

Are you thinking of hiring a new gaming machine? Don’t forget to let us know. Contact your Club Insure account executive for more information.