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We have just experienced the wettest June since records began in 1910 and this follows hot on the heels of April which was also was a record breaking month.
A number of our clients experienced loss or damage as a result of the weather conditions. The NDML & Club Insure Claims team were able to report claims through to Insurers promptly and give advice on the action that our clients should take until a loss adjuster was able to visit the premises.

Loss Adjusters appointed by Insurers were inundated with new claims. As a result their staff were stretched to capacity and working over the weekends to try and see people. Those client’s who had opted to pay for additional Lorega cover were in the fortunate position to have their own Loss Adjuster appointed immediately. This service can be vital in the event of a claim particularly to small businesses. The Lorega Loss Adjusters made contact with the client often several days before the Insurer appointed Loss Adjuster. This meant that they had clear guidance on what they should be doing to minimise disruption and to ensure that they were trading again as quickly as possible.

The Lorega Loss Adjuster will assist throughout the claim and can also help to collate information to support a business interruption claim if the premises has been unable to trade for a time. This leaves you to do what you do best – running your business.
Lorega is a stand alone cover in so far as it can be added at any time during the year, not just at renewal or new business. Premiums are charged on a pro rata basis with a renewal date to fit in with your main renewal date. Why not phone our office on 0113 2818110 to obtain a quotation.

In the event of a flood / storm claim you should use the guidelines below.

  • Check that you have the appropriate cover under your policy
  • Report the claim through to NDML & Club Insure or your insurers out of hours reporting line
  • If you have Lorega cover and the loss is likely to exceed £5,000 please call their reporting line on 0845 124 3663
  • Under the term of your policy you are obliged to try and minimise your loss and to keep the business trading if you can.
  • Chemdry and Rainbow are nationwide contractors who may be able to assist. You should be able to find your local contractor by looking on the internet. Please note that until Insurers have confirmed that the policy cover is in force any costs that you incur will be at you own risk.
  • List the damage and get estimates as quickly as you can
  • Take photos to illustrate the extent of the damage. These can be very useful to help indicate to the loss adjuster the extent of the damage if he is unable to get out immediately.
  • Do not dispose of any items. If you need to arrange replacements then keep the damaged originals for the Loss Adjuster to inspect

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