Why working men’s clubs are still a vital part of our community

There are over 2,200 affiliated working men’s clubs here in the UK. That equates to almost 32 clubs across each city in the country. 

These clubs are valuable social hubs that allow people to come together as a community. Over recent years, some critics argue that these clubs may seem old fashioned or outdated. But working men’s clubs are still part of our towns and cities, and members rely on them to provide valuable activities. 

In the 1970s there were around four million members of the Club and Institute Union. With social clubs, community pubs and other venues all open to the general public, some may be reluctant to join up as a fully fledged member of a club. A membership has a number of benefits, though… 

1. Members have their say 

From what beers are on draft through to what building work and refurbishments are required, members of a club are always consulted and informed of any changes. This sense of collective ownership and collaboration is utterly unique and something many members enjoy. 

2. It’s tradition

Many working men’s club have been around for decades. That means members’ parents and even grandparents are likely to have been members of the local club. Most members have fond memories of their local club and enjoy being part of its history and, importantly, its future. 

3. Get to know new people

For many, joining a working men’s club is a great way to get involved with the local community. If you’ve just relocated, newly retired or fancy meeting new people then signing up and coming along to club activities is the perfect way to get social.

4. Improve social isolation

Many older generations are suffering from loneliness. Regular visits to their local club, where they’re well-known and recognised by the staff and other members, provides many people with much-needed social activity. 

5. There are great things to do

Working men’s clubs host concerts, gigs and events. Many also have a games room, lounge, television screens to host sports game screenings and pool tables. This means there are plenty of activities to take part in. Many clubs also offer social trips exclusively for members. 

6. Hire out facilities

Members have the option to hire out their club’s facilities to host their own private events. This is ideal for birthday parties, anniversaries or other key milestones. Hiring venues can be expensive, but members often receive discounted rates compared to other function rooms. 

7. Affordable drinks

City centre bars and pubs can be costly. Thanks to beneficial arrangements with breweries and other suppliers, many working men’s clubs are able to offer affordable, discounted drinks to members. This means a good night out that doesn’t harm the bank balance. 

8. Find valuable information

Working men’s clubs are a hub of community information. Notice boards and word of mouth makes sure everyone who attends has a good idea of what’s going on in the local area. This ensures its members never miss a beat when it comes to activities in their community. 

We’re proud to insure many working men’s clubs across the country. Their committee members, volunteers and visitors will all attest to the great culture of these clubs. As clubs look to diversify, refurbish and look forwards we’re excited to see the future of the working men’s club develop.