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Peace of mind for your club

We offer exclusive insurance schemes tailored to suit all Working Men’s Clubs, CIU Affiliated Clubs, Political Clubs, Royal British Legions, Miners Welfares, Community Centres, Charities & Non Profit Centres.

An unstable economic climate and on-going legislation changes continually impact the leisure industry. This leaves social clubs with the difficult task of balancing the books. Club Insure endeavour to ease one problematic area – providing comprehensive cover for all of your insurance requirements and health & safety management.

We can conduct a review in order to provide you with a proposal that demonstrates how we can improve the level of cover without increasing the premium. We also offer monthly payment plans, this can help you spread the cost into manageable regular but smaller payments.

Having a wide range of insurers that specialise in social club insurance means you can be confident knowing you have an insurance package that completely caters to all your needs. We’ll always find you the best rate going to the type of cover you want.

Why do you need Social Club Insurance?

The insurance will cover you from incidents and accidents that may occur at your social club. If a third party was to trip and injury themselves or if your property experienced damage, the policy would protect you from the financial impact these incidents could cause.

In the event of theft such as a third party taking stock or money from the social club the policy would respond. Accidental damage is always a risk when you have members of the public on business premises, even if you’re a private club, again the policy would cover this damage.

What will the Social Club insurance cover?

Your building and contents will be covered as long as the damage was accidental and the theft was not facilitated by lack negligence. Insuring your assets and protecting yourself from business interruptions is crucial to ensuring you’re covered in the event of an accident.

You’ll be covered by public liability which will protect you from a member of the public making a claim after they’ve suffered from injury because of your business. Employer’s liability will protect you from employee claims; it is a legal requirement to have this in place if you have one or more employees.

Our experienced team of club insurance specialists will oversee your individual account and in the event of a claim, our award winning claims management team offer tailored advice, guidance and support.

We welcome the opportunity of discussing your individual requirements in more detail. Simply complete our contact form or call 0344 488 9204.

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