Why Choose Club Insure?

Why do you need Club Insurance?

Club Insurance is a vital lifeline for any club.

Without the proper cover, you’re leaving your business at risk. A single claim could bankrupt your club, leave your employees out of work and your patrons nowhere to drink.

Club Insurance won’t eliminate hazards. Damage to property or injury to persons can still happen no matter how careful you are.

But the risk management associated with any quality club insurance package, will put protocols in place to reduce the chance of accidents or damage from factors outside your control.

And if an unfortunate incident does occur, it will help your club recover and get fully operational as quickly as possible.

What’s wrong with a standard business insurance package?

Clubs are unique venues. They deliver a service unlike any other.

They are the heart of the community. The love of a club is passed from generation to generation.

But with the unique benefits of a club come unique risks. Now more than ever, clubs of all shapes and sizes are feeling pressure from changing regulations and a growing claims culture.

Add these risks to increasing running costs and bottom lines are put under pressure.

A standard business insurance package can protect you against some risks. But it will never understand the club industry. It will never foresee and protect against the unique risks that clubs face.

Who are Club Insure?

Club Insure are the leading specialist sports and social club insurance broker in the UK.

We have over 3,500 clients, all of which receive a professional and personable service from our large team of Account Executives and support staff.

For over 20 years, Club Insure have been an integral part of the club industry. We care about clubs and work alongside industry associations to learn about the concerns clubs have.

We’re partnered with the Association of Conservative Clubs, the National Union of Liberal Clubs and the National Union of Labour and Socialist Clubs to name a few.

The service we offer has gained recognition from a number of industry bodies. We’ve won numerous awards including Claims Training Solution of the Year, SME Business Policy of the Year and Commercial Broker of the Year.

But the most important acknowledgement comes from our clients. They’re happy to shout about our club insurance. You can find a selection of their reviews here.

What can we do for your club?

We’re not ones to shout about the huge savings we’ve helped clients make. We’ll also not talk that much about the reducing the amount of claims our clubs have to make.

Every club is different, and we can’t promise you that we’ll make those big savings. You might already be doing 99% of things correctly and spending close to the best available price.

But we do promise that we’ll work with you to turn that 99% into 100. We’ll work with you to make improvements where improvements can be made.

We’ll conduct a full review of your club and its current insurance and risk management. Our highly qualified Account Executives will talk to you. They’ll listen to your concerns and your club’s story. They’ll advise based on the real needs of your club.

We’ll make big savings where possible. We’ll offer additional cover where possible. We’ll always do the best thing for your club.

What’s the difference between us and our competitors?

We’ve been around long enough to not throw shade on our competitors. Many of them are good. We don’t need to slander other companies to show confidence in what we do.

So don’t ask what the difference is between the club insurance we offer and the policies from other companies. Simply question whether they strive for the same level of excellence that we do.

  • We treat customer exceptionally. It’s our company motto and a huge part of our culture.
  • We stand on 20 years’ experience. That means we take what we’ve learnt into every new account. We know what works and what doesn’t.
  • We’re proud of our award winning claims department. They make the process simple and straight-forward. There aren’t many independent brokers who have an in-house claims department anymore.
  • We make sure that the one to one conversation we have with our customers is the most important one. We listen to what you’re saying and act. We’ll never take you for granted.