What insurance considerations to think about when you’re planning on hitting capacity

We’ve got another busy weekend ahead of us. The second of three pre-summer bank holiday weekends.

And even though the weather isn’t set to be quite so nice as the first bank holiday weekend, we’re still hearing that lots of our clubs are planning on hosting events and putting on extra entertainment.

There’s something about the bank holiday that draws punters out in numbers. Even though it’s just an extra day off, people that never usually go out drinking and socialising use this as an opportunity to ‘let their hair down’ and catch up with old friends and family.

But while welcoming lots of new and old faces into your club this weekend is undoubtedly a good thing, hitting capacity will bring with it unique forms of risk.

Below are examples of those risks, broken down into the types of cover that may form your policy.

Public Liability insurance

More people means more risk. Your public liability is there to cover you in the event of an accident, injury or damage to a third party. With more third parties in your premises, there’s more chance of accident, injury or damage occurring. Trips and slips are one of the most common PL claims, so ensure that your staff keep all areas of your venue clean and tidy.

There’s also a chance that your PL conditions limit the number of people you can accommodate at your club. Check your policy wording before your event and make sure that you keep track of numbers going in and out of your club.

Remember as well that any outside contractor must have their own Public Liability cover.

Employers Liability insurance

Because it’s a legal requirement, you’ll all have Employers Liability in place anyway. But it’s important to remember that conditions in the policy wording for your EL, will also apply to volunteers helping out at fun days and specialist events at your club.

You must abide by the Health and Safety at Work act and ensure that every staff member is given a safe working environment.

Equipment breakdown cover

Depending on the type of bank holiday you’re planning, there’s a chance that you’ll put your clubs equipment (kitchen units, entertainment systems) under additional strain. Although insurance won’t help you fix the problem on the day, it can ensure that you’re not left out of pocket by the breakdown.

Business Interruption Insurance

It may not seem likely, but hitting capacity and welcoming lots of people through your doors, brings about risks that could see your club have to close. These risks include loss of licence, serious emergency incidents and significant damage to your building or interior. Business Interruption Insurance will ensure you can get your club back to normal without the worry of lost income or profit.

Theft and burglary

Very recently, a sports club very near to the Club Insure head office in Leeds, was broken into after a fun day with all the proceeds taken. Increased takings and distracted staff members make clubs an ideal target for thieves over bank holiday weekend.

It’s important to make sure that you’re sticking to your security protocols and taking adequate precautions. Remember that the majority of thieves are relying on your carelessness, so don’t gift them the chance.

These are just a few examples of the risks that hitting capacity at your club this weekend can create. For more comprehensive advice on the ins and outs of your policy and creating a solid risk management plan, contact us today.