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Club Insure offers a specialist cricket club policy tailored for clubs just like yours. Our award-winning team will visit you personally, really getting to know your club so we can advise on the best policy for you.

  • We visit all clients
  • We’ll negotiate claims on your behalf 
  • We put emphasis on claim prevention and provide risk management advice
  • Our work alongside industry bodies will safeguard your future
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Our specialist Cricket Club Insurance provides you with the peace of mind you need. Club Insure’s award-winning cricket insurance team are on hand to help answer any queries. We take pride in delivering exceptional service for our cricket cover customers and really getting to know the clubs we work with. So, whatever support you need, you’ll be in safe hands.

Insurance for Cricket Clubs

Cricket clubs have a proud tradition. Since the 18th century, cricket has been a vital part of communities up and down the country.
And we’re determined to see that legacy continue. That’s why we are dedicated to providing simple, transparent, fully comprehensive cricket club insurance.
Without the right insurance cover for your club, you’re risking the future of cricket in your community. 

Buildings, Contents & Grounds

Your clubhouse and grounds are like a second home to many of your customers.
Without your clubhouse and pitches, there’s no cricket played or money spent over the bar.
The cost of repairing buildings, grounds and pitches could spell the end for your club if you’re not adequately insured.

Machinery & Equipment

Think of the mowers, tractors, covers and sight screens that your club couldn’t get by without.
Machinery and equipment cover helps you replace or repair without crippling costs.

Personal Accident

Cricket is a non-contact sport which means we can offer player-to-player cover and protect against accidents and injuries. Our cricket club personal accident insurance will keep players and employees safe.

Public Liability

Customers slip. They trip. They get injured. Accidents happen.
Public liability is the cover that protects you when an incident happens to a customer in your club. This is especially important if your club hosts external functions and parties.

Employers' Liability

Even the best employers can’t protect their staff from every eventuality. Whether paid employees or volunteers, your staff give everything to your club and deserve the best.
Employers’ Liability covers you when employees suffer injury or loss at your club.

1 in 3 cricket clubs make a claim each year
38% of claims made are because of theft/burglary
Weather-related claims make up 15% of all claims made

Club Insure provides comprehensive Cricket Club Insurance as well as cricket insurance guidance. Our team will visit your club and really get to know you, so we can offer the best personalised advice. 

We offer a wide range of tailored insurance solutions to suit the needs of your club. This specialist comprehensive cover includes protection for your: 


Practice Nets

Changing Rooms


Function Room

Our flexible schemes also cover use of the clubhouse for functions and public events. With comprehensive liability and personal accident cover, you can rest assured that you’re protected against any unexpected ‘what ifs’. 


We also we offer flexible payment plans to help spread the cost. To arrange a no-obligation review, complete our simple contact form or call 0344 488 9204

It should cover your pitch, if the pitch is within your grounds. There will be clarification of the extent of your cover in your policy wording. If you’re unsure, you can speak to your Club Insure account handler.

Your cricket club will need cover all year round. The more important issue with seasonality isn’t reducing cover for off-season, but making sure that you have automatic increases during peak.

Some of our policies include automatic stock increase cover, or cover for extra cash stocks at the busiest times/events of the year.

You also need to think about times of year where your pitch will need restorative work or repairs (at the beginning and end of the season). This will mean more manual handling and extra risk.

Check your policy wording or ask one of the Club Insure team for more information on these types of cover.

As cricket is classed as a non-contact sport (although there’s plenty who would disagree with that), we can offer personal accident cover with a cricket club policy. You may even need player-to-player cover. Again, the best thing to do would be to discuss your needs with a Club Insure team member who can tailor your policy.

*Based on data from Club Insure Customers
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