Room for improvement? Dealing with the fallout from health and safety

Room for improvement? Dealing with the fallout from health and safety

A health and safety incident can lead to serious consequences and you need to ensure you have the facts you need to defend yourself. Get it right and you can protect both your business and your employees.

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The client is a local hotel. A guest fell through a doorway and down a flight of steps, sustaining injuries. The local authority investigated the incident and improvement notices were served on the client. In the meantime, the client contacted rradar for advice and guidance on how they could defend themselves against the action taken by the local authority. rradar carried out an investigation in conjunction with the client into the facts of the incident and the improvement notices. rradar felt that the improvement notices were factually incorrect and had been served without appropriate consideration of alternative means of addressing the local authority’s concerns. The client believed that they had not breached their statutory obligations. With rradar’s assistance, they intend to appeal the improvement notices through the Employment Tribunal.

The local authority continues its investigation both against individual managers and directors for alleged failures of personal duty and the business for alleged errors and omissions in operating processes and procedures.

A successful appeal against the improvement notices will weaken any case against the client and lift the threat of legal action.