Handling health and safety issues – how to mount a robust defence

An injury to a customer can leave the business owner facing investigation, allegation and possibly prosecution. If this happens to you, do you have the expertise and resources to mount an effective defence?

Immediate assistance, expert advice and representation – key weapons in your arsenal

The client is a restaurant. A member of staff serving a mixture of hot and cold beverages spilt hot liquid over a customer and their infant child, both of whom received severe scald injuries.

The matter was reported to Health and Safety and Trading Standards by the family involved.

An investigation was immediately launched into health and safety, training, induction and employment practices at the restaurant. The investigation pursued both personal liability issues and allegations against the business.

The client contacted rradar to find out how they could respond to the ongoing investigations. Rradar’s legal team was immediately able to assist, and whilst they acknowledged that there were failings in supervision and training of new employees, and errors in documentation, they were able to mount a robust defence of both the personal allegations of liability and criminal offences.

Rradar’s involvement meant that the client was able to avoid the threat of further proceedings. rradar also carried out negotiations regarding the ultimate settlement of the civil case on terms very favourable to the client.