Pinder 200 Success – Club Insure raises over £6,000

A 200 mile cycle for Prostate Cancer UK

Club Insure’s fundraising challenge for this year, the Pinder 200, took place on the 2nd June and has been successfully completed!

A team of six riders cycled 200 miles in two days to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. The cycle was in memory of Lloyd Pinder, late Director of Club Insure who died of prostate cancer in 2020.

Club Insure and The Romero Group forged a relationship with the Prostate Cancer UK in 2019. And following our successful Coast2Coast cycle ride from Morecambe to Bridlington in 2021, the team wanted to up their game.

The route began at our new office, named Lloyd Pinder House (LS19 7ZA) and finished at the Stadium of Light (SR5 1SU). We selected the Sunderland AFC stadium as the finish line because Lloyd was a huge fan of the black cats.

As of the date of writing, the team have so far managed to raise a massive £5,500. Anything raised will be matched by Club Insure and donated to Prostate Cancer UK.

The Pinder 200 – Photos and Adventure

We spoke to the riders, post-ride, to get their insight on the experience. I think the challenge of the ride definitely hits home, but so too does the awe of the experience and achievement.

Billy Wakefield, one of the riders, paints a brilliant picture for us:

“The Pinder 200 was a brilliant ride. Everyone else will say it too, but the headwind on the first day was utterly relentless. I thought the first day of the Coast to Coast was hard, but genuinely that first day was the most difficult ride I’ve ever done. The second day was hillier, but the break from the wind was bliss; the fish and chips at Seaham were even better (when they finally came!)”

“While we definitely suffered, we all managed to stay together (mostly!) and I couldn’t be prouder of the team. The biggest surprise was, somehow, we did not have single mechanical issue (Other than Matt’s squeaky bike).”

“Massive thanks to Ollie and Vicki for organising the logistics; we couldn’t have done it without them. Or Sophie for stepping in to help with driving over the days. We still haven’t answered the most important question: What would Lloyd have done? I’ll leave that to you to think about!”

Justin Romero-Trigo enjoyed the challenge of the challenge of the fundraiser:

“I didn’t expect a headwind to last the full day on Friday! It tested our resolve, and you have some very doubtful moments, but the camaraderie is what I will remember most. In tough times you find out a lot about yourself and your mates.”

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times. Bless Lloyd and his legacy.”

When asked about his expectations of the experience, Simon Mabb said:

“Honestly, I thought we’d have more falling off and mechanical issues. But not one of us had a puncture or major mechanical issue which is lucky really because with the wind that would have really been a struggle.”

“The ride was brutal! The wind on the first day was about 12 to 14 mph but as a head wind. This made the first day very difficult and not very enjoyable. After about 40 miles the talking stopped as we all just got our heads down and pushed on. It is at times that that you had to remember why we were doing it – in memory of Lloyd.”

Congratulations to the Club Insure Pinder 200 team

Another fundraiser smashed. No doubt the good luck message from Kevin Sinfield gave a big boost!

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