Flash flooding SOS – how will a flash flood affect your club?

With recent news of flash floods hitting Britain, there’s no better time to review your insurance policy and make sure you’re adequately covered for a (very) rainy day.

Flash flooding is caused by excessive rainfall. It can happen unexpectedly, and it can leave businesses unprepared. Whatever the type of flooding, the impact can be devastating. But with a comprehensive insurance policy you can have peace of mind that you won’t be left drowning in financial woes.  

Is my club is at risk of flooding?

Flooding should be on your radar if your premises is close to water such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs. If you’re on a low lying area, the risk of flash flooding is particularly great.

Even if you’re not situated on a known flood plain (check the Environment Agency website for more information), this doesn’t mean you’re immune. 

The best way to stay one step ahead of the floods is to sign up for flood warnings.

How can I protect my premises from flooding?

We’d always recommend discussing flooding protection and putting an action plan in place long before the flood warnings arrive.

For a handy checklist of ways to minimise the impact of flooding, visit our previous blog post on the subject.

Insurance cover for flooding

Flooding is one of the risks covered in your buildings and contents insurance. But sometimes it comes at a cost, including a hefty excess or pricey premiums. There are several ways to bring the price of insurance down, though. Putting flood resistance measures in place such as fitting water-resistant doors and window frames will minimise the risk of flooding, for example.

Another innovative measure is FloodFlash, a new type of flood insurance that eliminates doubt around flooding claims and ensures a quick pay out. A sensor is fitted on the outside of your premises, detecting flooding immediately. There’s no need for damage assessments – you’ll receive the pre-agreed fixed fee set out in your policy. Club Insure customers now have access to FloodFlash, offering a simple and effective way to manage your flooding finances.

Though our Club Insure experts will always try to get you the best price, we’ll never choose cost over comprehensive cover. If your business needs additional protection, such as Business Interruption Insurance, then it’s always worth paying a little more for peace of mind.

Do I need Flood Excess Insurance?

It’s easy to look at an excess figure and just hope the worst won’t happen. But, if it does, many businesses couldn’t cope financially under the strain. Introducing Flash Flood Excess Insurance, which pays the excess if your property does flood. It covers you for up to £50,000, and pays out even if your claim doesn’t exceed the excess. 

Well worth considering if your flood excess could become unmanageable.

Find flooding insurance advice

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