Introducing FloodFlash

What’s the worst thing about having to make a claim?

The time spent on the phone? The energy used replacing the damaged goods? The loss of income whilst you’re getting back on your feet?

Or is it just the uncertainty that you might not get the payout you deserve? The uncertainty of not knowing how you’re going to pick up the pieces?

Flooding and flood damage represent the epitome of uncertainty. Very hard to predict and almost impossible to prevent, flood water can put your club out of action for months, if not permanently.

The biggest problem with flood damage is that it’s difficult to quantify. It’s hard to tell what damage is caused directly or indirectly by the flood; what needs replacing, repairing or disposing of.

This means it’s pretty easy for an insurer to query the amount claimed.

And that’s why we’re delighted to announce that Club Insure customers now have access to FloodFlash; a brand new insurance product which takes the uncertainty out of flood damage claims.

In simplistic terms, FloodFlash is a little device that fits to the wall of your club which alerts the insurer when flood water has passed a certain depth.

A Club Insure customer with FloodFlash as part of their policy would agree a water depth and settlement amount with the insurer before installing the FloodFlash sensor. When a flood occurs, the sensor measures the depth and sends the information to the relevant parties. If that depth is equal to or deeper than the pre-agreed level, you will receive an automatic payout.

Here’s a video explaining it in a bit more detail:

It’s easy to see how this would benefit clubs no matter how big or small.

Not only does FloodFlash make payouts much quicker and easier, sparing you months of uncertainty, but it also creates a fairer and more transparent system.

If a flood hits your club, it’s good to know that a claims payout is guaranteed and you can start to think about business as usual again.

For more information on FloodFlash, contact Club Insure today. Press the ‘contact us’ button at the top of this page or call us on 0344 488 9204.

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Sam Humphrey

Sam Humphrey

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