Do trespassers have the right to make a claim?

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You may have seen the sensational headlines in the news over the last few years: ‘burglar sues after falling through kitchen roof’, or ‘family forced to pay damages after trespasser trips in their garden’. They’re pretty common and designed to cause outrage among the newspaper’s readers. Surely a trespasser, who has no legal right to [...]

5 ideas to increase footfall at your club

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Many clubs survive on the loyalty of their long-time customers. But to grow, they need to increase the footfall from the local community. This can be difficult, especially if people see your club as closed-door or members only. Many clubs struggle for new customers because people think they're only open to players of a sport [...]

Is Grassroots rugby going through a crisis?

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2003 was supposed to be the dawn of a new age. World cup success for England would create a nation in love with the oval ball. Forget football. That game had had its chance. And then 2015 came along. A world cup on home soil. A chance for youngsters up and down the country to [...]

5 Ways your club could make better use of social media

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Most sports and social clubs know how important social media can be, but many aren’t sure about the best ways to use it. Social media is a fantastic way to increase membership and show the world what a great place your club is to be. Below, we’ll look at five ways you can make the [...]

Why are golf clubs struggling to attract a new audience?

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According to recent reports, golf might have an image problem. Last year, Radio 4 reported that participation in the sport had decreased by about 27 per cent in the previous ten years. Positively though, statistics also showed that the number of rounds played is increasing. Which suggests that people who play golf, are falling more [...]

Asbestos – A Duty to Manage

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Asbestos – A Duty to Manage As club owners or managers, you have a general duty to protect any person, staff or member of the public, from exposure to asbestos. It’s important that you understand the risks and how to manage them. In this blog, we’ll briefly explore what the term ‘asbestos’ actually means, and [...]

How to reduce the risk of being a victim of Gaming Machine theft

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  How to reduce the risk of being a victim of Gaming Machine theft The number of thefts from gaming machines appears to be on the rise again in recent months and so pubs and clubs are advised to be vigilant. Organised gangs are targeting gaming machines with a view to stealing cash from them. A method [...]

Club Insure have been Shortlisted in the British Claims Awards!

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  We’re delighted to say that Club Insure are shortlisted for the ‘Broker of the Year’ award at the British Claims Awards 2018. We don’t make a habit of bragging about our achievements, but this one we’re especially proud of. And we’re not proud because we’re one of only 6 shortlisted brokers, although that [...]

GDPR – Important Update – How we handle your data

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Data Protection law is changing and we want to keep you up to date with the steps Club Insure is taking. On the 25th May the General Data Protection Regulation, known as GDPR, comes into effect. GDPR imposes additional obligations on organisations and gives you extra rights around how your data is used. We [...]

Club Insure win Claims Training Solution of the Year

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  We are pleased to announce we won this prestigious award which was held Royal Garden Hotel in London on Thursday evening Our entry was based on our constant commitment to training of staff and customers alike and seeing the benefits of this investment through knowledgeable staff and happy customers who are better equipped [...]