Golf club death provides stark reminder about the need for proper Risk Management

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A recent law suit against Hinckley Golf Club after the death of one of their employees, shows that risk management has to be much more than a box-ticking exercise. In fact, the incident proves that thorough checks, adequate operator training, risk assessment, planning and implementation of suitable controls are the key to ensuring employee safety, [...]

5 Top Tips on Club Insurance Risk Management by our Head of Health and Safety, Nathan Jones

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Our head of Health and Safety, Nathan Jones, gives his top 5 tips for club insurance risk management. Who is your ‘Competent Person’: Under the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999, a company must designate a ‘competent person’ who is able to help you meet the requirements of health and safety law. [...]

The Club Insure competition is changing

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Over the past month or so, we’ve been running a competition where grassroots sports players can win £250 player sponsorship for the season ahead. However, after feedback from our customers, clients and social media followers, we have decided to change the prize and extend the competition. We wanted to involve people who were already sponsored, [...]

Why it’s important for you to enter the Club Insure competition

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If you’ve visited the social media profiles of Club Insure over the last couple of weeks, you’ll have seen that we’re currently running a competition. We’re offering grassroots players of any sport, the chance to win sponsorship for the season worth £250. That can be spent however the player desires. It doesn't matter to us [...]

Are you compliant with money cover and key conditions?

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Just a short blog from us today, but a very important one. Recently, we’ve witnessed claims from our clients, where thieves have broken into safes using keys kept in nearby key boxes. This is desperately frustrating and we feel for every single victim of this crime. However, keeping keys in key boxes is actually in [...]

Trusting an unrated insurer could be an own goal for your club

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Insurance gives you the peace of mind that if an accident or injury were to happen at your club, you wouldn’t face financial turmoil. But that’s exactly what could happen if you choose to place your cover with an unrated insurer. An unrated insurer is one that hasn’t been graded by insurance rating organisations like [...]

Terms and Conditions for the Club Insure Facebook and Twitter £250 sponsorship competition

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The Promoter of the Promotion is Club Insure Ltd, of Romero House, 8 Airport West, Lancaster Way, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS19 7ZA.(“the Promoter”). This free prize draw is open to UK residents aged 18 or over, excluding employees of Club Insure Ltd or any of its subsidiary and associated companies, their families or anyone else connected [...]

Should you take part in Tax Equality Day?

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Tim Martin, chairman of Wetherspoon, has recently called on pub and restaurant operators to show their support for a UK-wide Tax Equality Day. Scheduled for September 13th, Tax Equality Day will highlight the benefit in cutting VAT and has support from the BBPA (British Beer and Pub Association). Wetherspoon’s pubs in the UK will, for [...]

Insurance for Golf Clubs? Do you mean Insurance for Golf Courses?

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Just a quick blog from us today. Recently, we’ve had a few customers ask us why they can’t find insurance for golf clubs on our site. We tell them that we don’t offer insurance policies for 9 irons and sand wedges. But it turns out that they didn’t mean insurance for the equipment; they’re talking [...]

The heatwave is here

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But have you considered your insurance requirements as the temperature heats up? As the heatwave continues there are more opportunities to hold outdoor events to entice customers into your establishment - A barbeque or summer garden party. Here are a few considerations to ensure that your bars and clubs are adequately covered and your licensees [...]