A Special Testimonial from a Club Insure Customer

Our company motto is “treat customers exceptionally”. Our customers have regularly voiced their delight and satisfaction with our services.

However some testimonials sometimes deserve special attention. We love when clients and customers recognise our staff members, and your kind words really make their day.

Read below our most recent testimonial, sent in from The Tarring Club in Worthing:

“I have only been running the club for a few years and before that I was in a completely different industry. Since coming to The Tarring Club I have dealt with Club Insure and Jason Cook. Jason has always made it easy for me to get a tailored package that best suits the business’s needs. Club Insure are very good at what they do and very professional too.

Today, however, after calling up, I got put through to Karen Johnson and the level of excellent customer service I received was next to none.

From previously working in a field looking after VIPs, I can recognize great customer service and that is what I received today.

Karen was informative and kept to their word when calling back, it was like speaking to a friend on the phone and when unsure of things you would re-word it so I could understand. Whilst being professional at all times there was also a level of free-flowing conversation and patience too as I had multiple things crop up whilst on the phone.

I would just like to say that Karen Johnson is a great asset to your company and these people are hard to find nowadays. You went above and beyond what was required of you, making my journey with Club Insure a smooth and easy experience. I would certainly recommend Club Insure in the future.

Thank you Karen for your help and the service I received yesterday.

Please pass on my message so your company can see the great service you provide.

Enjoy your day.”

Thank you to the members of The Tarring Club in Worthing for their exceptional message. We will treasure their praise.

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