When should you use Club Insure?

We’re often asked whether we can provide policies for ‘x’ type of club or ‘y’ type of risk.

They’re all very reasonable questions. Insurance is such a broad subject that no broker could ever offer insurance for everything. And neither would they want to.

As a specialist broker, we provide top-class expertise and experience for sports and social clubs.

If you need insurance for your 15-storey office building, you’ve come to the wrong place. Our expert insurance professionals probably could get you a great policy on it, but you’d get better advice from a company who specialise in that sort of thing.

So when should you use Club Insure?

We pride ourselves on being a specialist broker, but that doesn’t mean we’re limited in the cover we can offer. Our experience spans sports and social clubs of all different shapes and sizes, from Open-hosting golf courses to your local WMC.

We understand the different risks that different types of clubs encounter. After 20 years working in the club industry, no one knows better than us that each club needs specific care and attention.

We specialise in the specifics.

But we do have some criteria on what a club has to have in order for us to offer them our top class service and products. We can’t cater for every single club. We have to make sure that we’re only working with clubs that we know will benefit from our product.

For us to work with a club, they have to have their own dedicated premises. As much as we’d love to help, we can’t work with local evening interest clubs or gatherings. Our commercial combined policies cover buildings & contents, employers liability, public liability, all machinery etc and so clients need to have their own premises to feel the full benefit of our cover.

Our 3,500+ clients include football, rugby and cricket clubs, golf courses, sports associations, bingo halls and working mens clubs (with a few other categories thrown in).

It doesn’t matter if they’re private members clubs, free to join, politically aligned; as long as they’re a club with their own premises, we can work with them.

Ideally we’d work with everyone, but we’re the leading specialist broker in this sector for a reason. We make sure that we’re honest with everyone we speak to. If we feel like you wouldn’t get the most benefit from our cover, we’ll give you that advice.

We’re here to support this industry, not take it for granted. If you’d like to speak to Club Insure about how we’re helping the club industry to thrive, or you’d like to discuss your own insurance options, contact us today for a no-obligation conversation.