What is NDML Insurance?

If you’ve come to enquire about insurance for your nightclub, restaurant, cocktail bar or hotel, you may have noticed that NDML is the insurance provider.

NDML are Club Insure’s sister company. Like us, NDML is seen as an outstanding specialist in its field. It leads the way in night time leisure insurance.

We’re passionate about speciality. We firmly believe that you get the best cover when your broker knows the industry inside and out.

Club Insure is a specialist in Club Insurance. That’s where our focus is.

For nightclubs, bars, restaurants etc, NDML is the best choice.

The good news is that although our specialities lie in different fields, the company values and ethics remain the same across both brands.

NDML treat customers exceptionally. They go the extra mile. They’re open and honest with clients.

Take a look at their website, www.ndml.co.uk for more information. But rest assured, they’re the best in the business.