Urgent Changes to the Law: Playing Music in your Sports Club

The law has changed concerning the use of music in amateur sports clubs, something that is very likely to affect you if plan to or currently use music in your amateur sports club.

New Sports Club Music Laws
Before the changes this month, many amateur sports clubs did not require a licence from PPL to use recorded music within their premises. Now the law has changed, sports clubs in essentially all cases are required to hold a PPL licence as well as a PRS for Music licence.

PPL and PRS Joint Licensing Agreement
From 1 January 2014, PPL and PRS for Music are introducing a new joint licence for eligible amateur sports clubs which will be administered by PPL.

PPL will act as an agent for PRS for music, with the new joint powers granting amateur sports clubs the permissions needed from both organisations to play recorded music and host live music events.

How much will the new license cost?
For amateur sports clubs without a social area or with up to 75 members: £37.50 per annum. For every additional 25 members, add £12.50 to a maximum fee of £250 per annum.

Specially Featured Entertainment for Unlimited events per annum: £18.56 per 25 members. One off events: £1.13 per 25 persons Capacity.

PRS for Music licence fees will be calculated as follows subject to a minimum fee of £43.50 for one-off events.

How much will the license cost for for background music?
For amateur sports Clubs without a social area or with up to 75 members: £37.50 per annum. For every additional 25 members £12.50 to a maximum fee of £250 per annum.

Hosting live music
As part of this process PPL and PRS for Music have been in discussions with the Sports and Recreation Alliance (SRA) and have each created a fee for the new joint licence to help simplify music licensing for amateur sports clubs.

Amateur sports clubs that have not previously held both a PRS for Music and PPL licence may experience an increase in price when first taking the joint licence as it now includes both license fees.

What you need to do if you have..

Music license only
At this stage, these amateur sports clubs simply need to complete the licence application form sent to them by PPL or PRS for Music and return this to PPL by 30 December 2013.

If you are one of these clubs, you do not need to take any further action until their existing licence is due for its annual renewal in 2014. PPL will Contact you nearer the time with more information about converting to the new joint licence.

If you have a PPL or PRS music licence
These amateur sports clubs will receive a licence application from PRS and PPL for Music. ln this case the club need only return one licence application form to PPL in the envelope provided to them by 30 December 2013.

lt is likely that the PPL and PRS for Music licences will have different annual renewal dates. PPL will therefore contact the club prior to the earliest renewal date to discuss how they propose to transfer the club to the new joint licence, bringing the dates into harmony.

The joint licence will be administered by PPL, acting on behalf of both PPL and PRS for Music. PRS for Music will be passing their customer contact details to PPL, with PPL becoming the newest point of contact for any queries or changes regarding licences.

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