Unoccupancy Conditions – COVEA

This guidance applies to Premises under our existing Commercial policies which have had to become temporarily unoccupied due to Covid-19 restrictions announced by the Government.

Brokers and customers will not need to advise us of the temporary unoccupied status of the Property, and the existing level of cover will continue for a period of 90 consecutive days from the date the Premises was closed, provided that the customer:

  • Completes internal and external inspections of the Premises at least once every 7 days
  • Ensures that the Risk Management Guidance below is met in full, unless superseded in this bulletin
  • Maintains written logs of all inspections, including time and date of inspection
  • Notifies Us immediately of any unusual features, changes, defects or concerns regarding the premises, equipment, contents or other property, regardless of any loss
  • In addition, due to freezing conditions during winter months:
  • Water systems and water tanks must be drained*,
  • All stopcock valves must be closed, and the water system inspected as part of the 7 day inspection requirements detailed above,
  • Heating systems must be left on, with temperatures maintained at a minimum of 11 degrees Celsius (52 degrees Fahrenheit) * Where heating systems require that water systems or tanks are not drained in order to operate, the requirement to drain the system and/or tank may be relaxed.

After 90 days we need to advise us of the occupancy status of the Premises and cover and risk management requirements will be reviewed.