Unoccupancy Conditions – AXA

We have worked with your insurer, AXA, to ensure that your premises remains protected whilst it is mandated to close by the government. This means that throughout any period that your premises is not in use due to government guidance, you will still maintain full cover for your property and will not be subjected to any reduced cover.

This position is however subject to you taking reasonable precautions to protect your premises and comply with some simple risk management procedures.

To keep your premises fully insured, you must:

  • Carry out internal and external inspections of the buildings at least once a week
  • Maintain a weekly log of the inspections
  • Remove all refuse, waste and any mail regularly.
  • Ensure the building is fully secured using all protective locking devices available, setting any alarms and activating any CCTV available.
  • Ensure all gas and electricity supplies are turned off at the mains – except any electricity required to maintain essential building services, alarms or to run computer servers etc.
  • Ensure any empty building or empty part of the building has its water supply isolated at the mains – this is particularly important to protect your building throughout this time of year.
  • If in relation to any claim for damage whilst your premises are unoccupied you have failed to fulfil any of these conditions, you may not be able to claim.

Please also remember that this extension only applies whilst you are forced to close by the government. When restrictions are lifted, if you choose to remain closed for a longer period, you must let us know immediately.

You must also let us know immediately if at any time your premises becomes permanently vacant and will not re-open following lockdown restrictions.