Unoccupancy Conditions – ARCH

For businesses that have temporarily closed following recent government Covid-19 instructions (whether because of regional government lockdowns, choosing to work from home or staff shielding), we will not consider your premises to be unoccupied.  This does not apply to premises that were already unoccupied at the time of any government Covid-19 instructions or those that have become permanently unoccupied during this period.

Where premises are possible to access, we will expect you to;

  • Conduct weekly visits and take note and retain the condition of the premises.
  • Ensure all services are turned off at the mains, except electricity where needed to maintain any fire or intruder alarm system in operation and the water and heating system drained (and wherever possible chain and padlock the isolation valves).
  • Where practicable, repair or arrange to be repaired any defects found.
  • Ensure that the premises are adequately secured against unauthorised entry including the sealing of any letterboxes and openings.
  • Remove any accumulations of combustible materials, such as junk mail and newspapers during each inspection of the premises.
  • Advise us immediately if the buildings are to be occupied by contractors for renovation alteration or conversion purposes or if the buildings are to become permanently unoccupied.