UK Clubs Celebrate!

NOVEMBER 20, 2014 saw the 22nd annual Club Mirror Awards take place at the Palace Hotel, Manchester. Club Mirror magazine, owner and organiser of the awards, has been an integral part of the club industry for over 46 years.

As sponsor of the event and advocate of all things ‘Club’, Club Insure was incredibly proud to once again participate in the celebrations.

The event comprised of an ‘Ask the Expert’ and ‘Hail the Ale’ networking event during the day followed by a Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony in the evening; hosted by John Inverdale.

From just under 1000 entries, finalists were singled out for excellence across 26 categories, including Charity Club of the year, Golf Club of the year, Marketing Club of the year and the ultimate accolade, King of Clubs, won this year by Rolls Royce Leisure in Derby.

Wendy Sharp, Business Development Manager for Club Insure, said: “The Club Mirror Awards provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate excellence and outstanding achievement in the industry. The daytime proceedings allow club officials to meet with each other in an informal atmosphere – many attendees commented on the quality of the expert advice they had received and the services on offer.

“The evening entertainment is always fun – the addition this year of a video montage showcasing the finalists, the FA Cup and other sporting endorsements added prestige and glamour to the event.”

Clubs across Britain have received praise for the pivotal role they play in the community, and for their ability to provide a safe and convivial environment in which to socialise. Head of Judges Caroline Scoular, said: “Against a backdrop of cheap supermarket drink, local pub closures and harsh trading conditions, clubs across the country have worked incredibly hard this year to constantly improve and provide a great offer for members. And they’re succeeding.

“Many are key in championing their own grass roots sports activities; encouraging member’s young and old to participate in sports and fitness. Others have focused on building their entertainment programmes, enhancing their catering operations, refurbishing the club and facilities and keeping drinks at sensible prices despite rising costs. We also honoured clubs for the hundreds of thousands of pounds they raise for charity across the year.

“We honour the commitment to sport and the crucial role that clubs play in encouraging the UK onto the pitches and out of their arm chairs, as evidenced by the support of BT Sport and the Sport & Recreation Alliance. We’ve also witnessed growth in more traditional activities which are seeing a huge resurgence in popularity.”

Publisher and Managing Director Sean Ferris said: “Now, more than ever, clubs are proving to be at the heart of the community and we’re proud to have been working with them to secure this position for the past 46 years. Next year? Our determination – and theirs – will be even stronger. We’ll be campaigning and lobbying to ensure that they remain where they should be, at the heart of the community, despite so many closures in other sections of the local area.”