This is what happens when your broker fights for your cause

You have to have a certain something about you to work for Club Insure.

Experience and expertise are non-negotiable, but there’s something else we look for in potential team members. That’s determination and a willingness to fight for our clients.

Insurance is very rarely simple. Sometimes when you make a claim, you don’t get the answer you’re looking for from the insurer. In those circumstances, you need to have trust that your broker will fight your corner and get you the outcome you deserve.

Recently, one of Club Insure’s clients, Wollaton Bowling Club, were in such a situation.

Without our determination, a claim for damage to their green could have ended in the club folding.

We’ll start with a little background to the story.

A few years previously, a sink hole had engulfed a small section of the club’s playing surface. They made a successful claim for a small amount and repaired the hole.

But, fast forward in time and more holes and dips began to appear, causing the green to become unplayable. This forced the bowling club to make a claim against their insurance.

The insurer sent a loss adjuster to assess the damage before coming to the conclusion that they would turn down the claim. The decision was on the grounds that the green was on ‘made up ground’ (also known as ‘fill’ or man-made ground).

Club Insure’s dedicated staff weren’t prepared to accept the decision. Our team sat down with the client and told them that although success wasn’t a guarantee, we would fight for their cause.

We got one of our top claims experts on the case, who immediately looked into the validity of the ‘made up ground’ reasoning. He argued that because the green had sat for over 80 years, what was man-made land was now normal land.

Our expertise, experience, determination and the relationships club insure have with insurers helped to overturn the decision. The claim was paid.

The revised decision meant that play could continue on a re-laid and reconstructed green. The club may have folded if the original decision had stood.

We were delighted to receive emails from the club, thanking us for our hard work and never-say-die attitude on this case:

“On behalf of the Wollaton Bowling Club Committee, I wish to thank you for your professional advice and guidance in dealing with our claim relative to the playing surface of our green. At first the Insurance Company refused the claim on the grounds that the cause was subsidence but following your determination not to accept that decision the refusal was overturned.“

The ins and outs of this case aren’t the important part; the fact of the matter is that Wollaton deserved the payout of their claim.

We can’t guarantee a win every time, but we can ensure that no stone will remain unturned. We’ll exhaust every avenue.

This story involving the Wollaton Bowling Club is a great example of Club Insure using all our expertise, experience and hard work to get the best results for our clients.

When we tell you we’ll treat your business as if it’s our own, they’re not just words. We mean it every single time.

If you’d like the kind of support that Wollaton Bowling Club received in this case, contact us today by clicking the ‘contact us’ link at the top of this page.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Wollaton Sports Association for allowing us to tell their story.