The Latest Theft Trends

Club Insure has recently been informed of several thefts from outbuildings, garages and steel containers. Victims are generally sports clubs who have had tractors, mowers and power tools stolen. At any time of year this would cause disruption but even more so during the summer months when grounds need to be maintained and pitches mown.

Outbuildings etc. should be treated in the same manner as your main premises when it comes to burglar proofing (for general advice on preventing burglary visit Burglar proof your business) however Club Insure offer some additional suggestions for safe guarding extra storage facilities:

  • Consider fitting an immobiliser to high value items such as tractors or ride on mowers. Less valuable items might simply be marked with the club name, telephone number or postcode so that if they are recovered they can be easily identified
  • Keep an asset register. This should cover items such as tractors, mowers, portable hand tools and bar fridges – basically anything of value. Not only will this help ensure that the contents sum insured is adequate but it will also help you to evidence items stolen in the event of a claim. An asset register should include a list of items, when they were purchased, purchase price, replacement price, serial numbers and if possible, a photo of the item
  • Install automatically operated lighting and/or CCTV as a deterrent
  • Lock away all machinery, tools etc. immediately after use to avoid prying eyes seeing what is available to steal – that includes ladders
  • Use a chain or other safety device in addition to any fitted locks
  • If the outbuilding has opening windows , these need to be kept locked and don’t give intruders the opportunity to see inside. Depending on the type of window, you could consider fitting internal window grills, heavy wire mesh or reinforced glass. You could also use curtains or opaque film
  • Insurers would usually expect every part of your premises to be covered by an Intruder Alarm. If your outbuilding, steel container etc is not alarmed be sure to check with Club Insure that you have disclosed this to Insurers. Failure to do so may mean that theft cover is automatically excluded in the event of a loss

It is imperative that you inform your insurance company of any new equipment purchased as your policy wording might not cover said item, rendering you uninsured in the event of theft. Policies will typically have conditions requiring you to keep portable power tools in a locked metal security container of minimum specification or other storeroom again of minimum specification. Check your own policy wording to ensure that you are compliant.