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  • We don’t just sit behind a phone or computer to deliver insurance
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But if you’re not convinced that your community centre needs specialist insurance, read below to find out more.

Community Centres UK

Community centres & village halls are at the heart of many communities.
They’re a place for people to look for friendship, entertainment and a helping hand.
With dedicated teams of management and volunteers running them, they deliver huge benefit to their local area.
But, running a community centre is far from an easy operation. Especially when it comes to the finances.

Community Centre Insurance

Many centres & halls run on a tight budget, with very little leeway. In fact, many of the centres we work with are charities, relying on the kindness of others to keep going.
Unfortunately good intentions can’t protect a centre or club from the inevitable.
Accidents will happen. Thefts and burglaries will occur. Buildings and Equipment will suffer damage from the elements..
Only proper specialist community centre risk assessments and insurance cover can protect them.

"We love working with community centres and village halls because they're a vital hub for help, support and togetherness. But we also know that they're often not cash rich and they rely on the good nature of the people they work with. That's why we've set up our insurance service to include two really important things; 1. We work with a not-for-profit insurer who holds the same kind of ideals as the centres we protect. That means the motive for them is first and foremost to protect. And 2. We don't just sit behind a phone or computer to deliver insurance. We go out and visit our clients and get a clear understanding of how they work and what makes them tick."

Types of Insurance

To appreciate how specialist a centre’s policy has to be, we need to look at the different kinds of cover:

Buildings & Contents

Your centre is the hub of the community. It’s a place where people go for help. support and guidance. But without your buildings and all your belongings, the people who rely on you have no where to go. Buildings & Contents insurance protects you in the event of damage or theft to your property.

Business Interruption

Community centres aren’t usually blessed with high profit margins and lots of cash in the back. They rely on the day to day income they generate. So if a centre can’t run day to day for whatever reason (like flooding or emergency building repair), it could mean big trouble. That’s where Business Interruption comes in. This type of cover protects you financially until your business is back on its feet.

Fidelity insurance

We know that community centre volunteers do an amazing job. But because most of the staff are volunteers, it’s often the case that less-thorough background research is done before hiring. Unfortunately, there are some cases where staff have used the trust put in them by the centre to steal money. Fidelity insurance covers the centre for the money lost.

Employers Liability Cover

Many community centres are brilliantly run by volunteers. Employer’s liability covers your centre in the event that something happens, such as a slip or trip, to your employees (including volunteers).

Public Liability Cover

This is one of the most important types of cover for a community centre. It would protect them in the event of accident or injury to one of their customers. Consider how many community centres offer room hire, and how many people could be in the building at any one time. A customer need only have to trip on a wire or fall from a table and chairs and they could file a claim worth thousands.

Working with Club Insure

We provide bespoke products that offer comprehensive protection to community centres & village halls. These venues have a particular set of needs and it’s crucial that we provide our clients with comprehensive cover.

Many community centres have charitable status and are regularly utilised for various events. They play a vital part in local communities and need the best possible insurance from trusted brokers.

Our service is thorough and we focus on ensuring the claims process is as stress free as possible. Our award-winning team delivers a dedicated and personal service. That includes tailor-made policies and meetings in person.

• Designed by our team of specialists, Club Insure guarantees the following:
• Exclusive tailor-made policy wording by a panel of “A” Rated, British Insurers.
• Exclusive Health & Safety/Risk Management support packages to suit your requirements.
• In-House, award winning claims department and dedicated account handler.
• Face to face visits.


There are some technicalities when it doesn’t, but for the vast majority of situations when a volunteer is working on behalf of your club, they’re covered. And what’s more, they’d also be subject to the same Health & Safety regulations as standard employees. If you’d like to have a chat about volunteers at your club or community centre, contact the team today.

Yes, the function room would be covered under your buildings & contents. Any events held in the function room would need public liability cover.

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