Refer & Reward

The Club Insure Refer and Reward Scheme: Its as easy as…

1. Grab a code

Received through your point of contact or found in your emails

2. Refer a friend

Give the code to another club and tell them to quote it when they call us on
03444 488 9024

3. Earn a reward

£50 per club! The more clubs the more money coming your way

Club Insure Refer and Reward Scheme

We believe in our service and we believe in our family, that’s why we are inviting you to introduce Club Insure to your friends. For every successful referral you can earn yourself a £50 discount at your next renewal.

Spread the word about Club Insure with our referral scheme and enjoy incentives for your club. Every recommendation earns a discount and is easily achieved in three simple steps.
  • Any existing Club Insure client can make a note of their referral code which will be emailed upon request (either through their usual point of contact or by calling 0344 488 9204).
  • This code can be then sent over to another club. They can use the code when enquiring about our services either within an email or through our ‘Get a Quote‘ form, or even over the phone.
  • If the referring club becomes a Club Insure client, after 30 days of going live, the reward will be generated for the club which requested the original code.

We’ll automatically apply the reward, so you don’t need to lift a finger! And when you recommend more than one club successfully, your discounts will accrue over a 12 month period to gain you an even larger discount.

The Club Insure Refer & Reward scheme operates to incentivise our existing clients to refer Club Insure to contacts at other sports, social, leisure or working men’s clubs. The below sets out the terms & conditions of the referral scheme and how it will be managed by Club Insure:

  1. Any existing Club Insure client can request their ‘Refer & Reward’code, which can be provided by your usual point of contact, or by calling 0344 488 9204.
  2. For as long as a client remains with Club Insure this code will remain the same.
  3. The existing client can provide this code to any club they are connected to and instruct the referred club to provide the code upon requesting a quote from Club Insure. This can be done via email, through our ‘Get A Quote’ form, or over the phone on 0344 488 9204.
  4. If the referred club becomes a Club Insure client, after 30 days of going live, the reward will be generated for the referring club.
  5. The reward is a £50 discount at the referring client’s next insurance renewal.
  6. An existing client can refer as many clubs as they like using their referral code, and rewards will accrue within the remaining policy period with all discounts up to the date of renewal applied on the renewal quote.
  7. Total referral discount will be capped at either £500 or 50% of the policy renewal premium, whichever is lower.
  8. Any new clients that do not go on cover, or do not pay their premium within the 30-day period will become ineligible and the referral discount will not be applied.
  9. For the reward to be valid, the referred client must be a new client for Club Insure.
  10. Renewals are exempt from the referral scheme. New clients who have held policies with us previously are eligible provided they have not held cover within the last 12 months for the same insured entity.
  11. This scheme can be amended or withdrawn at any time by Club Insure Ltd as it sees fit.
  12. If the scheme is withdrawn or amended, any previously agreed discounts from referrals taking place prior to the date of amendment will be honoured.