6 Essential Tips for planning a Jubilee Party at a Club

Is your club planning to take part in the Queen’s jubilee celebrations?

At Club Insure, our mission is to ensure clubs are thriving and are protected throughout the year. We advise clubs to join the efforts of many institutions who are planning to run a jubilee party or event up and down the country. Take advantage of the great occasion and solidify your place as the centre of the community by running a jubilee event.

We have provided six essential tips to help your club put on that perfect event while remaining fully protected.

1. Notify your insurance provider

If you expect to have an increased audience than normal because your club is running an event, then you need to notify your insurance broker. Your insurance broker will review your cover and decide if your insurance provider needs to be informed so special measures can be put in place to increase your cover.

Clubs must at all times be covered by employers and public liability insurance.  If your club is having a jubilee party or event, you’re most likely covered as standard. Out of the ordinary events heighten your risk; insurers need reassurance you’ve considered the risks and have put relevant health and safety measures in place.

If you’re a Club Insure customer, talk to your account exec who can ensure you’re covered. If you are not a Club Insure customer, you can access one off event insurance at Insure Our Event.

2. Conduct a safety risk assessment

Identify and control the hazards posed by running a jubilee event by executing a safety risk assessment. This should involve:

  • Identifying where people could be at risk
  • Identify where buildings, equipment or third-party structures could be at risk
  • Have preventative measures in place and ensure these work effectively

To do a full comprehensive risk assessment, contact your insurance provider today. Club Insure will provide you with resources to comprehensively assess and improve the safety of your event.

3. Check the forecast

If your jubilee event is going to be outside, you will need to take into consideration the weather forecast. This may affect your event plans such as the availability of vendors, outside entertainment, bouncy castles or play areas. Strong winds and heavy rain should be noted and the necessary precautions should be in place.

4. Sign up to the The Big Jubilee Lunch

Encourage members of the community to join your event by combining it with the official Big Jubilee Lunch. A once in a lifetime event, join millions of people across the UK to share friendship, food and fun. Learn how to be the perfect jubilee host by checking out their free downloadable pack here.

You can then put your event on The Big Lunch Map, a national advertisement for both public and private events. This is the ideal way to get more visitors to your special club jubilee event.

5. Join the beacon lighting tradition

The UK has a long tradition of celebrating Royal Jubilees, Weddings and Coronations through beacon lighting. You could light beacons or get involved in beacon lighting within your community.

Similar to bonfire night, beacon lighting comes with its own unique risks and dangers. Check out our information on how clubs can run a safe firework display for tips on event risk aversion.

Discover more about Platinum Jubilee Beacon lighting by downloading the official guide here.

6. Organise tree planting

Another activity which would be well received at your club’s jubilee event is tree planting. There is a tree planting map accredited by The Queen’s Green Canopy. This is not only a great way to attract visitors, but also a quick way to spruce up your surrounding area. Remember to ensure all activities are signed off by your local council and insurance provider first.

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