Insurance for Golf Clubs? Do you mean Insurance for Golf Courses?

Just a quick blog from us today.

Recently, we’ve had a few customers ask us why they can’t find insurance for golf clubs on our site. We tell them that we don’t offer insurance policies for 9 irons and sand wedges.

But it turns out that they didn’t mean insurance for the equipment; they’re talking about insurance for their golf course and the club house.

Now that, we definitely do insure!

In fact, golf courses and their club houses are a particular speciality of ours. We’ve got lots of golf course clients up and down the country and we offer tailored policies to suit their needs.

Golf course insurance has to be tailored because the risks are unique. We use our experience in the field to cover every need of the golf course.

We didn’t want to confuse the equipment with the course, so when you look for insurance for your course and club house on our website, don’t search for ‘golf club insurance’.

Instead, search for Golf Course Insurance.