Health & Safety: Are your fire procedures adequate?

Alongside our Health, Safety and HR partners Stallard Kane, we’re bringing you a series of topical advice. We’ll cover the latest issues that could face you and your club, and how to protect yourself against them.

Following a recent study, a large number of premises still have inadequate fire procedures.

Particular areas of concern were said to have been “physical fire control measures and procedures”. This is a relatively broad statement, but it suggests that some buildings had not been suitably designed or altered to provide fire resistant compartmentation in the event of a fire, nor had they implemented the required evacuation procedures to aid those that needed to escape.

Fire Risk Assessments are key

Unsurprisingly, given the amount of warnings and enforcements issued, many premises have issues with their fire risk assessment. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a fire risk assessment was not in place, it could quite easily mean that the assessment that had been carried out was not suitable and sufficient. It’s important to know that just because you have a document called a fire risk assessment that it doesn’t automatically mean that it is fit for purpose.

Choosing a fire risk assessor alone is something that should be taken very seriously. A fire risk assessor should be able to prove their competence with relevant qualifications and should also have knowledge and experience in your industry. That experience could be the difference between a suitable and sufficient assessment and an inadequate one.

Are your fire evacuation procedures adequate?

Club Insure Risk Management have a vast array of fire and can advise you on managing your fire evacuation procedures and carry out Fire Risk Assessments (it’s worth noting that a good Fire Risk Assessment will take into consideration the personnel occupying a building).

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