Golf Buggy Battery Thefts


Golf Buggy Thefts

In recent months, golf clubs have been targeted by thieves for the batteries in their golf buggies, which in a lot of instances are kept in the open when not in use or when the course is shut, making it quite easy for any would be thieves to just come along and help themselves. It is unclear whether the thieves are selling the batteries, using them as a source of other illegal schemes or that they are simply ending up at scrap yards due to the lead content of the battery.

Some thieves are well organised and just come along and cut the batteries out, others cause untold damage to the buggy itself which could result in very expensive insurance claims.

Whatever the reason, it is important for all golf clubs to make sure that they are adhering to policy conditions in respect of these items.  As a club manager, secretary or green keeper, are you aware of the insurance policy conditions relating to these items from a security point of view? There are a numerous golf insurance products available in the market place and all have different wordings and conditions when it comes to these items. If you’re unsure about what your condition is, pick up the phone now and speak to us before it’s too late.